Zenmed Stretta Reviews – What You Should Know About Zenmed Stretta Creams

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Zenmed Stretta is a stretch mark removal cream that is used to treat the appearance of these marks that are so common after weight loss or during pregnancy. It contains all natural products and is sold online as well as in department stores.

Update: Zenmed Stretta is not on sale neither on Amazon nor on official Zenmed website anymore. It looks like Stretta has been discontinued. You might want to check out other stretch mark products like Revitol and Trilastin.

How Zenmed Stretta Works

Zenmed Stretta is one of the many stretch mark creams on the market. It is applied on the skin and works to restore cell damage by removing layers of damaged cells that contain the stretch marks. It renews the skin cells so that stretch marks can fade away.

Ingredients In Stretta Stretch Mark Cream

According to the Zenmed Company, the company that produces Zenmed Stretta cream, the ingredients in the product are all natural. Two of the ingredients contained in this product are Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. The all natural ingredients are one of the positive attributes of this product, according to customer reviews.

Pros of Zenmed Stretta

Some of the positive aspects about using Zenmed Stretta to rid the body of stretch marks include:

  • It is all natural
  • Does not irritate skin
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth
  • Causes stretch marks to fade over time

Cons of Zenmed Stretta

Negative aspects about the product, according to some customer reviews include the following:

  • High priced
  • Takes time for product to work

There are no reports of problems with Stretta from Zenmed according to consumer reports. Those who are not pleased with the cream are mostly those who are not pleased with the price. There are those who feel that other products containing vitamin E and Aloe Vera that are more moderately priced work just as well.

One aspect about Zenmed Stretta that some people have mentioned in Zenmed Stretta reviews is that the product is not just for stretch marks. Some have stated that Stretta for stretch marks can also help you clear up acne scars.

How Zenmed Stretta Works

Zenmed Stretta can be applied to the areas where you get stretch marks as well as to the face. Keep in mind, the product does not work overnight. It will take weeks to months before the stretch marks or acne scars start to fade.

When looking for stretch mark cream, take a look at the various products out there. There are some new creams on the market that use new technological advance to fade the white marks that occur so often in pregnant women as well as those who lost weight.

Zenmed Stretta cream is used for treating stretch marks after they have occurred. There are other products that you can buy that will help keep the skin more elastic and make it more difficult to get stretch marks. The reason that people get stretch marks is because the skin is resistant to stretching.

Stretch marks are more common in women than in men and very common during pregnancy. While some women do not get many stretch marks during this time, most do. There are three ways to deal with stretch marks:

  1. Prevent them using creams
  2. Treat them using creams like Zenmed Stretta
  3. Use laser therapy

Prevention does not always work, although it can minimize the stretch marks. Laser therapy is an option for ridding the marks right away, but can be costly.