White Stretch Marks – The Least Expensive Methods of Stretch Mark Removal Are Usually the Best

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Dermatologists have an arsenal of tools to get rid of old, persistent, white stretch marks. These are typically stretch marks that have been on your skin for more than a year and are much more challenging to treat than fresh, dark red ones. 

Professional help is available and usually differs based on the age of the stretch mark as well as your skin color type.

Treatment Options by Skin Type

For example, for people with fair skin, the dermatologist might use a series of pulsed dye laser treatments (also known as PDL). PDL treatment is generally used to treat redness. By using a concentrated laser beam, PDL targets the blood vessels underneath your skin that are causing the redness.

In the treatment of older, whiter stretch marks, it may take a few sessions for you to see an improvement of your mark. PDL is a relatively pain-free procedure.

For patients with darker skin, the doctor might employ an innovative therapy based on intensive non-laser light, designed to injure the skin just enough, like a sunburn, to stimulate collagen production.

These treatments usually cost $1,000 to $10,000.

The dermatologist might also recommend Microdermabrasion.

That is, the use of a derma-roller (at home) or derma-pen (in a clinic) filled with tiny needles that gently pierce your skin. Like the treatment mentioned above, this causes your skin to begin a healing process that stimulates collagen production in that area and is thus, effective in treating old stretch marks.

Microdermabrasion is safe for all skin types.

All patients who are not pregnant or lactating might receive Accutane, Retin-A, or Differin. The same medications used to treat cystic acne, to make the skin grow so fast it fills in the stretch mark.

Costing several hundred dollars a month and usually not covered by insurance, these drugs require careful monitoring to prevent suicidal depression and/or liver disease.

Dermatologists can also offer chemical peels, but this likewise-expensive procedure can cause permanent discoloration of darker skin. What’s someone with white stretch marks to do is sort of winning Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Fortunately, there are slower but still effective methods of dealing with white stretch marks that don’t cost a fortune. The best approach to curing white stretch marks depends on their location.

White Stretch Marks on the Stomach

White stretch marks on the stomach result from fast weight loss, fast weight gain, and pregnancy. The most effective way to treat white stretch marks on the stomach is massage, preferably steel roller massage. Tiny metal studs on a steel roller irritate the skin just enough to increase collagen production. It’s not necessary or desirable to draw blood or to cause pain. Over a period of weeks, daily steel roller massage stimulates growth in the skin that fills in stretch marks.

White Stretch Marks on the Legs, Thighs, and Buttocks

The same methods that treat cellulite in women can treat white stretch marks on the legs, thighs, and buttocks of both males and females of all ages. Creams like Mederma (we have a review of this product, as well as other stretch mark creams for pregnancy here) that contain the Ayurvedic herb Gotu kola send the plant chemical forskolin into the skin. This chemical recharges the antioxidant processes that power cells called fibroblasts to make collagen that fills in stretch marks from the inside out.

Women who are trying to get pregnant should avoid using any product that contains Gotu kola (Centella Asiatica) because the tissue growth process that builds up the skin also prevents ovulation.

White Stretch Marks on the Breasts in Women

Teenage girls often develop stretch marks around the breasts shortly after puberty. It’s essential to support the breast with a bra so that it does not sag down, pulling the skin tight.

In older women, the choice of the brassiere is not as crucial to treating stretch marks occurring during pregnancy or after breastfeeding. Still, there is a more significant benefit from regular, preferably daily, massage. Use light stroke to pull the skin away from the nipple, using an especially light touch over the heart. For best results, the massage that relieves stretch marks should be sensual, not rough. Regenerative creams like Mederma and Revitol will also help, although there is no benefit from products containing lanolin or shea butter unless the skin is unusually dry.

Massaging the skin has the added benefit of getting your blood flowing, which is important for a healthy body.

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White Stretch Marks Around the Shoulders in Bodybuilders

White stretch marks in bodybuilders are a reminder of past bodybuilding programs, because every white stretch mark started as a much more noticeable purple or red stretch mark, usually when an intensive training program was conducted year-round. Stretch marks are also very common in athletes who use androstenedione or illicit steroids.

Getting rid of white stretch marks in athletes is usually best accomplished with microdermabrasion, which we mentioned earlier. This technique also lifts and separates dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, reducing tension on the skin. Combined with vitamin-based treatments like Mederma and Revitol, microdermabrasion slowly eliminates white stretch marks over several months.

Home microdermabrasion kits are about 80 percent less expensive than microdermabrasion at the dermatologist’s office.

They are also easier to control, you don’t have to depend on the clinic’s working hours (great if you’re a busy person) and are roughly as effective as treatment at the dermatologist’s office.

Final Words

Overall, there are quite a few methods to treat old, white stretch marks, so it’s by no means a hopeless situation.

In the future, we, of course, recommend early treatment and ideally, prevention (such as hydrating the skin early during pregnancy) for best results.