Say Good-Bye to Stretch Marks with Vitamin E Oil!

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Vitamin E oil for stretch marks and skin problems is an age-old remedy,  but does it really work?

In this article, we take a closer look at how vitamin E, more specifically vitamin E oil, interacts with stretch marked-skin and whether or not it’s an effective remedy and prevention method.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble nutrient that can be found in natural sources, such as avocado or nuts. It’s a very popular skin treatment, as it encourages cell regeneration and protects your skin against the damage caused by free radicals.

Aside from oral consumption, you can choose to apply it topically to the affected area. A wide range of vitamin E oil products is available – you can use it as a cream, in capsules, or as a gel, depending on your preference.

So, is vitamin E good for stretch marks?

 Yes, vitamin E is efficient in reducing the appearance of stretch marks accordingly to anecdotal evidence.

Stretch marks are a type of scar that appears when you gain or lose weight drastically in a very short time-span (pregnancy, growth spurts, or intense dieting are all common culprits), which causes the dermis, or the middle layer of your skin, to rupture.

This is where vitamin E comes into play – it’s a potent antioxidant that boosts the elastin and collagen production in your skin. Elastin and collagen are responsible for keeping your skin elastic, giving it that “bouncy” aspect that helps it recover from these sudden weight changes.

Vitamin is also really good for stretch marks because it prevents the loss of moisture from your skin’s outermost layers, and naturally, the more hydrated your skin is, the smaller the damage.

Can vitamin E prevent stretch marks?

 Yes, vitamin E can also prevent stretch marks, to an extent. 

While there isn’t a guaranteed way to actually prevent stretch marks, topical application of vitamin E oil increases the amount of nutrients inside your skin, thus improving its elasticity and making it less likely to scar after a sudden weight change.

Cocoa butter is very rich in vitamin E, among other vitamins, which makes it a big favorite for moisturizing affected areas.

Does vitamin E help stretch marks go away? 

Yes, vitamin E oils usually help stretch marks fade away. 

Although it is generally recommended that prevention is preferable to post-weight-drop treatment, vitamin E can also be really useful in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Why? Because it encourages skin cell regeneration and boosts the growth of new skin cells, and progressively, as new skin layers begin to appear, your stretch marks will become less and less prominent. We do recommend beginning vitamin E treatment as soon as possible after the appearance of stretch marks, as this reduces the chance of them leaving a long-lasting scar.

Is vitamin E oil safe for treating/preventing stretch marks during pregnancy?

Yes, vitamin E oil is generally considered safe for use during pregnancy.

It is not only acceptable but actually encouraged that you apply vitamin E on your belly during pregnancy, to “prepare” it for the weight drop that occurs during birth.

You can also opt to consume vitamin E orally, in capsules, though be advised that the recommended dosage is 15 mg. Also, many experts and even mothers who’ve used vitamin E to treat and prevent stretch marks say that if you wish to consume vitamin E, you should try and get it from foods and natural sources, rather than as a supplement.

So, to sum it up, as long as you don’t go over the recommended dosage, vitamin E oil is perfectly safe for use.

Fun tip: Vitamin E oil is also an excellent treatment for melasma – those dark brown spots, also known as ‘pregnancy mask’ that appear on your face due to the increased production of hormones!

How to use vitamin E for the best results?

Your best bet would be using a vitamin E-based product or vitamin E oil directly.

While vitamin E oil is a highly potent moisturizer, it also has a very thick consistency, which can make it challenging to apply on wider portions of the skin. It’s even more difficult for your skin to absorb, which is why some prefer derived-products.

The good idea is to choose a product rich in vitamin E  and just lather it on your belly and thighs (the most commonly affected areas) generously twice daily.

Alternatively, if you’re a DIY-enthusiast, you can purchase vitamin E oil in a bottle and add a few drops to the products you make yourself or combine it with other oils, such as jojoba. (Read on for our review of the best vitamin E oil to use!)

How much vitamin E should I use?

We already talked about the recommended dosage during pregnancy – 15 mg – if consuming vitamin E orally. After birth, this dosage goes up to 19 mg to nursing mothers, so be sure to bear that in mind, as too much vitamin E can inhibit the blood’s ability to form clots and cause nausea.

If using vitamin E as a topical, you shouldn’t need more than a 0,1% concentration to begin to feel its’ yummy skincare benefits. However, it is generally recommended that when using it to treat and prevent stretch marks, you choose a more potent vitamin E oil (at least 5,000 IU).

Review Time: What’s the best vitamin E oil for stretch marks?

Let’s look at some of the most popular vitamin E oils and what they have done (or haven’t done) for clients. All our reviews are honest and based on actual client testimonials – we’re not looking to push so-and-so product, but rather to help you find what’s best for you.

  1. Kosher Vitamin E Oil from Mother Nature’s Essentials( – 42,000 IU (2 oz. – 60 ml)

This oil comes very highly recommended, with a whopping amount of 5-star reviews and, it seems, a lot of happy costumers.


  • It makes skin feel really soft after only a few uses, so it seems to be an efficient moisturizer;
  • Customers were very content with the value-for-money ratio, both when it comes to quantity and quality;
  • One customer noted that it made a visible difference for acne scars, in that it helped the skin regenerate and the scars fade (so, presumably, it works similarly for stretch marks);
  • It doesn’t smell or taste weird, which is a big plus if you’re going to consume it as a supplement.


  • This oil has a very thick consistency, which makes spreading and absorption rather difficult;
  • It’s also not pure vitamin E oil, as advertised, and contains other products. That is not in itself a problem, though some people prefer pure oil.

Other than that, it has remarkably few complaints, and one customer who says she bought it to prevent stretch marks notes that “if anything prevents them (if that’s even possible), this Vitamin E oil will.”

So overall, we think it’s worth giving this oil a try. 

  1. Natural Vitamin E Oil from Bos Essentials – 36,400 IU (1 oz. – 30 ml)

 This oil also comes with excellent reviews, many customers referring to it as a ‘professional’ vitamin E oil, although there are some who seemed less than happy with it.


  • It’s very thick, and many people were delighted by this, as it means it hasn’t been watered down or diluted;
  • Many users noted a rapidly noticeable difference in the appearance of their scars and overall complexion, so it means it’s an effective cell regeneration booster;
  • One customer actually stated that it made a huge difference in treating her ‘red’ stretch marks;


  • On the other hand, many customers were put off by its’ thick consistency, complaining that it was difficult to dispense or get into the dropper;
  • A common complaint was also that it’s sticky, which prevented people from using it for fear of damaging clothes or furniture;
  • Difficult to wash off;
  • Several customers noted a strange (‘fishy’) odor.

Overall, while this has a lot of glowing reviews, it does have its’ fair share of noted issues, so we are slightly less confident about this one. However, strong positive reviews do balance that out. Ideally, if you’re looking for a thick oil to use in homemade lotions or even to mix with other oils (like jojoba), this could be a good idea for you. 

  1. 100% All Natural & Organic Vitamin E Oil from Healthy Priority Natural Products – 15,000 IU (.5 oz – 15 ml)

This product had a lot more reviews than the first two, both good and bad.


  • Leaves the skin feeling really good and soft;
  • Several customers say it helped tighten and fade their stretch marks, although some do mention adding the oil to their stretch mark cream, so it’s unclear how much of it is thanks to the oil;
  • Some noted a great smell.


  • However, many reviews complain about a fishy, rancid odor;
  • The most significant problem people had with it was that it’s costly for such a small quantity, which is true;
  • Several users pointed out you’d be better off just making it yourself, as it is a blend of vitamin E oil and carrier oils (such as jojoba and avocado) and not 100% vitamin E oil anyway;
  • Apparently, for some, it did not absorb well.

Overall, I’m a bit mistrustful since it has a lot of bad reviews and all point out similar issues. Considering that, the much lower concentration and the high price, I would instead go for one of the others, at least for a first try. Also, you would indeed get off a lot cheaper by just combining the oils yourself.

However, there are many glowing reviews, so if you feel like giving this a try, go for it. Also, bear in mind that they also offer an entire Skincare System, complete with vitamin E moisturizer, scrub, and cleanser.

We genuinely hope this article has given you a more in-depth understanding of how Vitamin E Oil works in the treatment and prevention of stretch marks!