Using Make-Up to Cover Stretch Marks – The Ultimate Guide

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Stretch marks are a common occurrence when the body undergoes rapid weight gain or loss, and while they’re perfectly natural, people look for ways to cover them up, and the number one most popular method is… make-up, of course!

In this article, I’ll be taking you through some of the best methods to cover up your stretch marks by using make-up and sharing various tips and things with you.

I want to point out that an excellent way to cover stretch marks is through the use of the full-body, specially-designed concealers. As we have a different article already talking about that, we won’t go into detail here, but feel free to check that out!

How to Cover Up Stretch Marks with Makeup

Step 1. First of All Figure Out The Right Approach For Each Body Area

Some people have stretch marks on the buttocks or breasts, while others have them in more visible areas like the knees or the thighs. If you’re thinking about covering your stretch marks in a more private area, say, for a beach trip, make-up might not be worth the trouble – you might be happier just getting a swimsuit that covers stretch marks on the butt and/or breasts, as there are loads of cute swimsuits for stretch marks out there.

If you still feel make-up is the way to go, consider how much water that body area is likely to be subjected to. How much sweat might accumulate will determine the level of water-resistance your make-up needs.

Tip: Stretch marks on the body will most likely require body make-up (like the Dermablend Leg and Body Makeup), which is “sturdier” and less prone to smudging or rubbing off than normal face make-up. Some stores even sell camouflage make-up for stretch marks, so feel free to give that a go.

Choose Your Shade For Makeup

Step 2. Correctly Identify Your Shade

You know how they say to test foundation on your neck/wrist (depending on who you ask)? You’ll need to test your body make-up, too, and if possible, you’ll need to do it on that body part specifically.

The backs of the knees are often lighter. The buttocks are prone to also being paler (especially if you’re tanning*), while other areas may be darker. Your best bet is to test your body make-up on the stretch marks themselves and see how well it blends in. Otherwise, you risk drawing even more attention to this problem area.

Do not assume you’ll need the same shade you use on your face as the body and face skin-tones are never the same.

* – While some people think tanning can help conceal stretch marks, that is not really the case.

Clean your skin before you apply makeup

Step 3. Clean Before You Make-Up

It’s essential to remove any grime and impurities from your skin before you apply the make-up. Covering stretch marks with make-up while there’s sweat/oil/lotion on your skin will make the make-up run and might even make the whole thing look worse.

So using a gentle cleanser, rub down the stretch-marked area before you begin layering on the make-up.

Step 4. Once Your Skin Is Clean And Dry, You’re Ready To Apply Your Make-Up

While some people use a primer before the foundation, you don’t need primer thanks to the added ingredients in body make-up. Using a small, soft brush, begin applying the foundation evenly over the stretch marks themselves. Careful, you shouldn’t apply make-up on a large area if the stretch marks are few or only in an isolated part of that area (e.g., you don’t need to make up your whole belly if you only have a few tiger stripes around your belly button). Using a sponge, brush, or even your finger, gently blend the make-up into your skin until it doesn’t stand out anymore.

Tip: Some also add a little concealer under the foundation, but this one is totally up to you. Remember, sometimes more products can draw more attention to the blemish, so it might not always be the right choice.

Brushing with powder

Step 5. Set It with Powder.

As with face make-up, using a big powder brush, apply a thin layer of translucent (or skin-tone colored) powder – like the Aesthetica Translucent Setting Powder – to set your foundation, prevent sweating and give it a more natural look.

Tip: Allow the foundation to sit and dry for a few minutes. Otherwise, you risk creating a foundation-powder paste.

While most body make-up is designed to be more water-resistant than simple face make-up, you will need to re-apply your make-up occasionally, especially if you’re hitting the beach or the pool, so make sure you have your make-up kit with you!

These are the basics of using body make-up for stretch marks, now let’s run you through some helpful tips for concealing stretch marks:

Make-up Tips to Hide Stretch Marks

1. Color Correction

You know the color wheel you learned as a kid? That might come in handy when it comes to hiding stretch marks. Those tiger stripes range in color from angry red to blue, purple, pink, white (and pretty much any shade under the sun). Using the color wheel, identify the opposite tone, and apply make-up of that color to neutralize the color of your stretch marks.

For example, suppose you have bright red stretch marks (usually newer ones). In that case, you might use blend some green make-up – like the Maybelline Cover Concealer – into your skin before applying the body make-up, to neutralize the color.

Use a concealer stick while you apply makeup

2. Consider A Foundation Stick

Foundation and concealer sticks, like the Dermablend Quick Fix Foundation Stick, are particularly useful when trying to cover smaller areas or areas that are difficult to reach, like the buttocks. Naturally, the same rules apply, but a stick might come in handy, particularly if you have to re-apply the make-up while at the beach or a formal event.

Does Permanent Make-Up Cover Stretch Marks?

Also known as camouflage tattooing, permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure that fills in skin patches of a different color to give a more uniform finish. The same process can be applied to stretch marks and can be quite effective, although you should talk to your doctor before such a procedure.

But in the meantime, why not try some temporary make-up to restore that self-confidence?