Can TriLASTIN-SR REALLY Banish Stretch Marks for Good?

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Stretch marks are the bane of many people’s existence. These unsightly scars can often appear out of nowhere, and as a consequence can frustrate and depress those who get them. It isn’t just pregnancy that causes stretch marks, though this is a very common reason for developing them. The truth is, sudden growth and weight gain can also cause them, meaning nobody is safe, not even men.

There are many products on the market which claim to banish stretch marks for good. Some come in the form of creams, others in the form of cosmetic treatments. Each one claims to be a revelation and, for a split second, raises the hopes of anybody who’s looking to get back their smooth and unblemished skin that they used to know and love.

Some products are expensive, others less so. In this review, we’ll be taking a look at TriLASTIN-SR, a maximum strength stretch mark cream. The company who make the product make pretty big claims. We’ll take an in depth look at the validity of these claims in our review, as well as compare their product to others on the market.

Where Can You Buy TriLASTIN Maximum Strength Stretch Mark Cream?

TriLASTIN is fairly easy to get hold of, at least it is if you’re happy to shop online. Before analyzing the efficiency of the product, we first wanted to give you its background.

The product is available on, for around the same price as its RRP. If you’ve decided to give this product a trial, you’ll need to purchase it online if you want to get your hands on it. Unfortunately, major US shopping outlets such as Walmart and Walgreens don’t stock this specialty item, so you’ll need to go to Amazon, or better yet, the official retailer.

The Official TriLASTIN Retailer

When purchasing anything cosmetic, it’s best to go straight to the source and buy it from the retailer. This just helps prevent any possible mishaps. While forgeries are uncommon, they do happen. You’ll also get a 90-day money back guarantee if you buy it from Love the product or get your money back. We admire their commitment to their stretch mark treatment.

Trilastin Price – The price for a 5.5 oz bottle is $79.00. While certainly not as cheap as a cream you might find at Walgreens, we’ll take a look shortly whether it’s worth its price tag.

This 5.5 oz bottle will last you around 4-5 weeks if you use it as directed.


The ingredients list is long (and quite frankly boring). To save your time, we’ll just post the 8 most important ones below.

  • hydrolized soy protein
  • caprylic / capric triglyceride
  • caesalpinia spinosa gum
  • tocopheryl acetate
  • zea mays (corn) kernel extract
  • disodium ethylene dicocamide peg-15 disulfate
  • sodium starch octenylsuccinate
  • serrulata fruit extract

How to Use TriLASTIN-SR Maximum Strength Stretch Mark Cream

TriLASTIN-SR is easy to use. But what else did you expect? It’s a cream.

You are encouraged to use TriLASTIN twice daily if you want to get the best results. It should be massaged into clean skin, rigorously enough to cause slight redness. Not only does this help with absorption, it also encourages blood flow to the scarred areas. This increases collagen production and helps increase the effectiveness of TriLASTIN.

For maximum effectiveness, it’s strongly recommended by the company, and independent reviewers, that the product is combined with TriLASTIN-HT.

The product is extremely safe overall, but natural disclaimers obviously apply. Stop using it and contact your GP if you notice any redness or develop an allergic reaction.

Does TriLASTIN Work?

What everybody reading this article is waiting to find out is if we believe TriLASTIN-SR works. Is it the most effective stretch mark removal product, or are these claims just hot air?

Well, our research has led us to believe that TriLASTIN-SR does work, but it’s important to stress it’s no miracle cure. The product works fairly slowly, but is effective as it encourages skin renewal in problematic areas. The special formula also helps tighten the skin, reducing the size of any stretch marks. This means affected areas begin to look better and look less affected by the eyesores.
Trilastin SR Before and After Photos
Trilastin Before and After Photo

How Long Does it Take for TriLASTIN- SR to Work?

Now we’ve delighted women everywhere by telling them we believe TriLASTIN-SR is an effective stretch mark remover, it’s time to discuss timeframe. Everybody with stretch marks would love to be able to rip their tops off and walk around in a skimpy outfit, unfazed by their bodies. Sadly though, using TriLASTIN-SR won’t make this happen overnight.

The longer the cream is used, the more effective it will be. For the lucky ones, three weeks is all it takes to see major changes. For the average person though, you’re likely to see some results within 2 months, then more results in 4 months. After a year of using the cream daily, some have found even severe cases of unsightly stretch marks have been made virtually invisible by it.

Does the Cream Work on Old Stretch Marks?

TriLASTIN stretch mark cream does work on old scars.

Older scars have already faded to an extent, so blend in nicely with the surrounding skin color while treatment is underway. In fact, TriLASTIN-SR is recommended for all types of scarring. Even scars from accidents or surgical procedures respond well to it.

Does it Work for Different Skin Colors?

Regardless of what skin color you happen to have, you aren’t immune to getting pregnancy stretch marks.

Those who make the product have tested it on various skin types and have revealed it’s effective regardless. On the official site, TriLASTIN have before and after shots that show African American women as well as Latino women having stretch marks reduced by using the cream.

Can Men Use TriLASTIN-SR?

Surprisingly, a large proportion of men are now searching for products that can rid them of their stretch marks. While they aren’t usually as intense as those developed by women, men who have them feel plagued by insecurities just the same.

Rapid weight gain or even weight loss can be enough to cause the formulation of stretch marks. Men can then be left feeling hopeless and insecure. TriLASTIN-SR has been approved for use by males, so those looking to invest in a reduction cream can also try this. It’s actually one of the best stretch mark cream types for male stretch marks as it seeks to lubricate skin, protecting it from breakages during growth.

Are Results Permanent?

That’s the great thing about using an effective stretch mark product: results aren’t temporary like they may be if using make-up. They last permanently.

Any improvements made during treatment will stay that way even after you stop using the cream. Even if you use it once then never buy it again, your results will remain that way forever.

How Does TriLASTIN Work?

You’re probably not as interested in how the cream works compared to what results you’re likely to receive. Nonetheless, we want to create one of the most thorough TriLastin reviews out there, so we’ll tell you anyway.

It works by:

  • Reducing the length and depth of your furrows
  • Firming up and tightening your loose skin
  • Normalizing your skin tone and returning it to its natural color
  • Improving elasticity to ensure you don’t develop new stretch marks
  • Restoring your skin’s smoothness

Is TriLASTIN-SR Safe to Use?

The cream can be bought over the counter. It doesn’t require a prescription and contains no controlled substances.

What we love about TriLASTIN-SR is that the manufacturers have made it really gentle. It’s hypoallergenic, meaning it’s unlikely anybody will have any type of reaction to it. Its safety has also been tested by independent safety companies. People have used TriLASTIN-SR in 130 countries. So far, no reports have come out of any adverse side effects.

Is TriLASTIN-SR Safe for use During Pregnancy?

For pregnant women and those breastfeeding, the chance to reduce some newly formed stretch marks probably sounds quite appealing. It’s likely many are reading this wondering whether the cream is suitable for them.

To be absolutely safe, TriLASTIN have a different product designed specifically for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. It’s a unique, child-friendly formula, and is just as effective. It’s called TriLASTIN Maternity Stretch Mark Prevention Cream and has been created to prevent new stretch marks forming as well as remove old ones. It’s available on the official TriLASTIN website for a similar price.

So What are the PROS of Using TriLASTIN-SR?

Now we’ve talked a lot about the well-known stretch mark cream, let’s consolidate some of the information for you here. That way, you’ll be able to weight it up before making your decision about whether to buy a bottle.

Things we like about are:

  • Clinical trials have shown the cream reduces the appearance of stretch marks in as little as THREE weeks
  • There’s a 90-day money back guarantee if you aren’t completely happy
  • TriLASTIN-SR has been tested on all different skin types and works effectively on each type
  • It’s hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Perfect for sensitive individuals
  • It works just as well for surgical scars as it does for stretch marks
  • It’s non-invasive and causes no pain (unlike surgery)
  • People are using it every day in over 130 countries around the world
  • The cream is never tested on animals

And What About the Cons?

So what don’t we like about TriLASTIN-SR? Well, there are a few things. Most of them are minor, but we’ll list them as cons anyway.

Things we don’t like as much:

  • It costs $79.00 per bottle. At this price, not everybody can afford it
  • It works a little slower than instant procedures such as fraxel laser surgery
  • It isn’t available to buy in most popular US stores

TriLASTIN-SR Maximum Strength Stretch Mark Cream Review Conclusion

There you have our comprehensive view on a very popular stretch mark cream.

We’ve tried to answer the most pressing questions like “does TriLASTIN work?” and “is it worth the money?” As part of our review, we’ve scoured the globe looking for success stories and criticisms. The number of success stories we’ve found far outweigh any complaints. The TriLASTIN company found a similar pattern themselves when they surveyed users of the product. As mentioned on their web page, 86% of people who have used TriLASTIN-SR would recommend it.

It isn’t the cheapest product around, but if it removes stretch marks, most women would be happy to pay. Only you can truly decide if it’s right for you. Keep in mind though; a money back guarantee has you covered should you be unhappy with your own results.

Pros of Trilastin Cream

You will see that those who have used the product have particularly liked the following aspects:

  • Feels smooth on the skin
  • Helps fade stretch marks
  • Helps to prevent stretch marks
  • Easy to use and rub into the skin
  • Safe for pregnant women
  • 60 day money back guarantee

Cons of Trilastin Cream

Unbiased reviews also state the following negative aspects about the product:

  • Difficult to find in stores
  • High priced
  • Takes time to fade stretch marks
  • Does not physically remove stretch marks but fades them

There have been no complaints filed against the product or the company. Although most of the reviews that are on the website are biased towards the company, there have been no complaints of fraud against the company. Nor have there been any adverse reactions to the product.

Save Money With Discount Codes

It’s possible to get the product for cheaper than its recommended retail price, which is great news for those who don’t want to pay almost $80 for it.

Deals & Discounts
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When beginning an all new regimen in removing and treating stretch marks, the most common mistake that users make is not using the product consistently. Daily, sometimes twice daily use, is the key to seeing the results you want. With TriLASTIN, we recommend using our products for at least 90 days (three months) to see changes that excite you!*

If you’re ready to commit to treating and fading your stretch marks for the recommended 90 days, take a look at TriLASTIN stretch mark bundles — our two or three month supplies, complete with the Hydro Thermal Accelerator to maximize and speed up the desired results.

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