StriVectin Stretch Marks Cream Review: A Unique Formula to Treat Scars

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Using StriVectin for stretch marks is one of the fancier options out there, and down the years, we’ve heard it touted as a miracle cure countless time.

The StriVectin brand has been around for ages (more like eighteen years). In that time, it has managed to build a solid reputation for itself as one of the leading manufacturers of skincare products, which only helps to strengthen that claim.

But is StriVectin SD Advanced PLUS Intensive Moisturizing Concentrate the best choice of weapon in the battle against stretch marks?

In our 100% honest, unbiased StriVectin review, we take a look at both the pros and cons of this product and its’ overall effectiveness in treating stretch marks.

How does StriVectin Stretch Marks Cream work?

To best understand whether or not a product can be effective, you need to look at the list of ingredients and examine how each one works for (or sometimes against) your skin.

  • Collagex-CE Wrinkle Repair Complex:

    This active ingredient thoroughly penetrates even the deepest layers of skin and stimulates the production of collagen (both types I and III), which in turn leads to healthier, softer skin. It supplies the skin with healthy amino acids and copper, which are essential to the production of collagen.

    Type III Collagen is present in the body in abundance at birth and through our first year, but its’ production diminishes with time. It’s credited as being the reason for that ultra-soft baby skin and is crucial in the regeneration of damaged skin cells.

  • Hyaluronic Acid

    Another substance naturally produced in the body that lessens with age, Hyaluronic Acid, is one of the most popular skincare ingredients worldwide due to its’ astounding properties. It helps your body retain moisture, which equals healthier, better-moisturized skin, which also means an improvement in the appearance of stretch marks and fine lines.

    Hyaluronic Acid has been scientifically proven to make a significant difference when used to treat stretch marks (about 70% of testers saw an improvement in as little as a few weeks).

  • Vitamin B3 (in the form of their unique, NIA-14 technology)

    The same study that proved the efficiency of Hyaluronic Acid also demonstrated the many benefits of incorporating B3 vitamin into your skincare routine. This ingredient creates a protective layer around the skin and thickens the outermost layer (the epidermis) and helps retain moisture, which in turn allows your skin to heal itself, where necessary, or even diminish the severity of stretch marks before they appear through improved elasticity.

  • Panthenol

    Panthenol is a form of Provitamin B5 and is commonly acknowledged as a potent ingredient, both in the treatment of skin and hair. It’s particularly useful for mature or otherwise damaged skin. Like the others, it helps the skin retain moisture and acts as a softener, but not only that, it also helps defend against external factors (that can irritate or dry out the skin). It has excellent soothing properties.

  • White Water Lily Extract

    This extract is often used in skin care products for its’ excellent cell regeneration properties. It works to eliminate the toxins and soothe redness and irritations (making it an efficient tool for treating fresh, ‘angry red’ stretch marks).It is also a potent moisturizer.

Tip: To its’ credit, it also appears to be free of parabens, though it does use fragrance (and thus, very possibly phthalates), along with a big list of chemicals, which is never fun. But at least it does not contain any harmful ones.

One really popular ingredient in anti-aging (and anti-stretch mark) products is retinol, a vitamin A derivate that boosts the production of collagen and elastin. While other StriVectin products, such as this one, do actively employ the benefits of retinol, this particular StriVectin moisturizer is retinol-free.

This means that it is safe to use both during pregnancy and when nursing.

StriVectin SD Reviews – Does StriVectin actually Help with Stretch Marks?

To answer that, we’ve looked not only at the official website but also at other unbiased customer reviews, and we’ve put together a handy list of Pros and Cons.

The Pros:

  • Does seem to effectively boost collagen production, both based on the ingredient list as well as the reviews;
  • Helps the skin retain moisture and thus can be useful in treating both wrinkles and existing stretch marks;
  • Might also help prevent (or significantly reduce) the appearance of future stretch marks, thanks to its’ moisturizing properties;
  • You don’t need to use a lot to cover an extended area.

The Cons:

  • It is quite expensive (definitely a difference in price from other stretch mark products);
  • On top of that, the bottle is quite small (only 2 oz.);
  • Not organic/natural.

Overall, there seemed to be an overwhelming amount of reviews in StreVectin’s favor. People used StreVectin for existing stretch marks, as well as for preventive hydrating, and it seemed to work particularly well in both.

Tip: As with all products, we’d recommend using it as early as possible – fresh stretch marks (those that tend to be red/brown/pink in color) are easier to treat than faded white ones. And no stretch marks at all are by far easiest, so make sure you begin moisturizing long before a drastic weight change, if possible.

So, our verdict is that yes, StriVectin does seem to be quite effective in the treatment and prevention of stretch marks.
Strivectin For Stretch Marks Before And After Photos

What to Expect

With the above being said, you should know that you can’t expect a miracle (from any product). Many reported that their skin feeling more hydrated and noticing a difference in texture after using StriVectin. Still, if you’re expecting to see “perfect” magazine skin, then you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment.

StriVectin, like any moisturizer, can help boost collagen production in your skin, making it softer and more elastic. This can help it better accommodate stretching (during pregnancy, for example) and help reduce the appearance of new stretch marks. We won’t claim that it helps ‘prevent’ stretch marks altogether, as that is primarily influenced by genetics, not by what cream you use.

Does it work on old stretch marks? Yes, to an extent. It will make your skin more supple and improve the overall appearance and quality of the skin. Hydrated skin automatically looks plumper, and so, better. However, it will not make old stretch marks go away completely, as it cannot do that.

As we pointed out, old (white-ish) stretch marks are harder to treat and more ‘deeply set’ into the skin. By this point, your skin has ‘given up’ on actually healing the stretch marks (which it tries to do in the first year or so), and no cream will change its mind.

The best you can hope for when dealing with old marks is that the improved collagen production and moisture retention will significantly fade the marks away and restore some vitality to the affected skin.

Are There any Side Effects?

Sure, we want beautiful looking skin, but at what price?

Several people have noticed a rash on their skin after using StriVectin, especially on sensitive skin (as is the case during pregnancy). I’ve seen some people say that you need to build up a tolerance to it and that the rash is typical and will stop appearing in time.

Of course, we recommend always doing a patch test before smearing over large areas.

But other than that, there don’t seem to be any notable issues with this product.

Maximize the Effects – a User’s Guide

While most moisturizers are pretty straight-forward affairs, we do include a quick usage guide, to make sure you’re making the best of your StriVectin cream.

  • How often should I apply it?

    We recommend using StriVectin at least twice a day, ideally in the morning and evening after long, hot showers that help open the pores and make it easier for the skin to absorb the product.

  • How should I apply Strivection SD? And how much should I use?

    Squeeze out a tiny, pea-sized amount and massage gently into the skin, using small, circular motions. Add more, depending on the size of the area you’re treating. Remember, don’t squeeze out too much at once, so as not to waste product.

  • When should I start moisturizing?

    For best results, as early as possible. If you’ve just found out you’re pregnant, first of all, congrats. Second of all, get yourself some moisturizer, because the better prepared (and more elastic) your skin is, the better it will fare in the coming months.

    Do also start moisturizing if you’re planning to start a diet, undergo a dramatic bodybuilding or fitness program, etc.

Where can I get StriVectin Stretch Mark Cream?

The StriVectin products are sold both on Amazon, as well as the StriVectin official website.

Although we love Amazon, we usually recommend that you buy straight from the original manufacturer, whenever available, to avoid getting duped and being sent a fake product. It’s been known to happen on Amazon, sadly.

Also, the  StriVectin SD Advance PLUS Intensive Moisturizing Concentrate small bottle (2 oz.) does not seem to be available in the Amazon store at the moment. They do, however, offer a 4 oz bottle that is in stock and that you can find here.

Both the smaller, 2 oz bottle and the larger one, 4 oz, are available in the StriVectin store.

Can I Get my Money Back if I’m not Happy?

Yes, but only if you live in the US.  StriVectin offers refunds and returns on new and “gently used” products within 30 days of purchase. However, they do warn that they monitor and limit the number of possible returns, to prevent abuse. Once accepted, your refund should arrive within the next 7-10 business days.

Be warned that they only accept returns for products purchased on the StriVectin official website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. When will I see results?

    According to StriVectin, there should be noticeable results in as little as four weeks. According to customers, a little more than that, but somewhere within the first two months.

  2. Are results permanent?

    It depends. If using StriVectin to help heal fresh stretch marks, then yes, results are permanent. If applying to moisturize older stretch marks, then letting your skin go without proper hydration for a more extended period will worsen appearance.

  3. Can I use StriVectin SD while pregnant?

    Yes, StriVectin SD Advance Plus Intensive Moisturizing Concentrate is safe for use during pregnancy.

  4. What are the active ingredients in Strivectin?

    Key ingredients include Collagex-CE Complex(with Copper Tripeptide and Marine Ferments), White Water Lily Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Tucuma, Green Bean Seed Extract, Cupuacu and Murumuru butters.

Conclusion: Is StriVectin Stretch Mark Cream Worth It?

Now that is up to you, of course, but in our opinion?

Well, StriVectin does seem to have a lot of arguments in its’ favor. It appears to be a great, effective product that, judging by all the reviews, might help with your stretch marks.

However, there is the issue of the price. One small bottle costs around $80, and while it may last 2-3 months when used to treat wrinkles on the face, it might not last so long when used on a wider area, such as a baby bump, especially since it’s recommended for use twice daily.

As a stretch mark product, particularly during pregnancy, it might be a bit much, price-wise, and you might consider going for another, cheaper product instead.

We also recommend Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula as a rich moisturizer and a much more economical alternative, The Spoiled Mama’s Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks for its’ excellent, toxin-free ingredient list, and the Bio-Oil Multi-use Skincare Oil for its’ excellent recommendations and great hydrating effect.

You can find a more in-depth review of those products here.

However,  we do recommend StriVectin as an excellent, hydrating product, and if you feel comfortable with the price, we would definitely encourage you to go for it!