Strialite – An LED Solution to Stretch Marks?

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Strialite is a new and innovative cosmetic approach for quickly and efficiently getting rid of stretch marks.

This device has a very interesting story attached to it.

Strialite was designed by a plastic surgeon for his daughter, who was struggling with puberty stretch marks.

This says something about the product because any father would do his best for his child, right? So, Dr. Downs created a safe and effective treatment for his daughter to be rid of stretch marks for good.

What Exactly is Strialite? How Does it Work?

Although many months of research went into the making of this device, the logic behind it is fairly easy to understand.

Branded as the Stretch Mark Solution Device, Strialite is a handheld device that has 35 red LEDs on one side.

The red light generated by the Strialite, together with the heat it emanates (the device can go up to 105 F/40 C), penetrate the dermis (the layer of the skin where stretch marks form) and gently stimulate collagen production.

Unlike other stretch mark removing products, it doesn’t set out to exfoliate or actually remove any skin layers, but rather boost the skin’s natural healing process.

By promoting collagen and elastin production, Strialite encourages the skin cells to rebuild. This, in turn, can improve the appearance of the skin over the stretch mark and make it appear less severe.

How Does Strialite Work?

According to the Strialite, a clinical study was conducted, in which:

  • 33 subjects undertook 8 Strialite treatments over the course of four weeks.
  • Sixteen out of the 30 who completed the study said they saw an improvement on their stretch marks.
  • When shown in a blind test, 18 of the 30 were found to have significant improvement, while only 2 participants (the ones with the worst stretch marks) only saw little improvement.

So overall, quite an encouraging study. In 2016, Strialite was cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

What Can I Expect from Strialite?

Judging by the study mentioned above, as well as the Strialite reviews we’ve read, you can expect an improvement, particularly if your stretch marks are new.

The manufacturers themselves warn that Strialite is best used on red stretch marks (striae rubra), which are generally less than a year old.

Of course, this also applies if you have purple, brown or even dark blue stretch marks, just as long as they’re not old/white.

Strialite works best on fresh stretch marks because your skin is still in a healing phase, so the LED and the heat have something to work with. The natural healing, strengthened by Strialite’s effects, can yield results, whereas, on old stretch marks, it might be harder for the skin to heal.

That being said, let’s see what Strialite’s clients had to say about the product. In our experience, that’s the best indicator as to how well a product actually works.

The Pros:

  • Several saw a significant improvement in stretch marks both from puberty and from pregnancy (with before and after photos);
  • ‘Can’t live without it’
  • Some customers noted an improvement even in older stretch marks;
  • Results in one month;
  • No pain when using it;
  • Easy to use and comfortable to hold, also when using for a long time.

The Cons:

  • Some had trouble with the lights turning off spontaneously;
  • The device can overheat, and if it does, it shuts down. So you need to keep it cooled;
  • Quite pricey;
  • The device is somewhat small, so using it on larger areas is time-consuming.

So overall, the Strialite stretch mark treatment LED device seems like a worthwhile investment.

Something that really tickled our fancy is that it is pain-free, unlike so many stretch mark treatments out there.

Given that stretch marks usually pop up on sensitive areas, this is a major bonus, considering a lot of people are afraid of trying stuff like microdermabrasion and other stretch mark treatments because of the pain.

How Do I Use the Strialite Stretch Mark Device?

Many people are confused by the actual application of this. Perhaps it’s because of the light part or the heat, but they assume Strialite is a complicated device to use, when in fact, it is not.

It’s okay, we thought so, too. But in fact, it turns out it’s remarkably easy to use.

The manufacturer recommends plugging the device into an AC outlet somewhere in the house where you can easily use it. Ideally, close to a chair, so that you don’t get tired if you’re using it in an extended area.

Make sure the area you wish to treat is cleaned thoroughly. No lotions, body oils, or make-up should exist on it, as those might impede the process.

Once the skin is clean and dry, turn on the device and let it heat up for a minute or two. Then, holding it by the handle, press the lighted surface directly to the skin.

Tip: The device should be warm but tolerable. If Strialite ever feels too hot against your skin, don’t insist. You risk burning yourself.

Just keep the device pressed on the area you’re treating for 20 minutes or so. Of course, do this for as many areas as you wish to treat in that session.

Generally, Strialite recommends using the device twice a week or so to see optimal results.

Again, the newer your stretch marks are, the better chance they have at healing, so start using as soon as possible after noticing the stretch marks.

Strialite: Your Question Answered!

In this section, we aim to answer the most common questions people have about this stretch mark device.

How Long Will It Take to See Results?

According to Strialite, you should begin seeing an improvement in your stretch marks in as little as two weeks. Most reviews also noted seeing a significant difference within a month. Provided, of course, that you use it properly, as per instructions.

And Are the Results Permanent?

Of course, they are. By stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, Strialite is improving your skin’s elasticity and rebuilding the damage (the stretch mark). Once healed, a scar can’t re-appear, can it? Same with stretch marks.

Is Strialite Safe to Use?

Yes, Strialite is easy and safe to use. The LEDs are not dangerous.

Can I Use Strialite While Pregnant or When Nursing?

Technically, yes, though, Strialite encourages checking with your physician before using during pregnancy. As for the nursing period, Strialite says it’s okay to use the device, though don’t recommend using it on the breasts.

Speaking of Which, On What Areas Of The Body Can I Use Strialite?

Strialite should be used anywhere you get stretch marks. It’s perfectly okay to use Strialite on the belly, breasts, buttocks, thighs, arms, and legs.

Does Using Strialite Hurt?

No, it does not hurt. You will feel a gentle warmth and perhaps a tingling sensation in the skin while using, but the device itself is pain-free.

Does It Work on Old (White) Stretch Marks?

It will work on white marks, to an extent. Although the device is intended for use on new stretch marks, several users noted some improvement on older stretch marks. Since Strialite sets out to make the skin more bouncy and elastic, that will result in a general improvement of the area, which in turn can make old stretch marks seem less severe.

Can I Use It on Other Scars?

Technically, yes. Stretch marks are scars, so that you may see some improvement on scars as well.

Can I Use It Every Day?

Yes, you can use Strialite daily. While there is no danger to doing so, there doesn’t seem to be any added benefit either.

Is Strialite an at-Home Laser Device?

No, Strialite does not use a laser to treat stretch marks.

Is It Normal for The Skin To Be Red After Using Strialite?

Yes, you should expect temporary redness on the area where you used Strialite, from the heat. It should go away in an hour or two.

If I’m Not Happy, Can I Get My Money Back?

Not really. This is perhaps the only downside of this product. They only give money back if you return the device within 30 days and unopened. Since it’s pretty much impossible to judge its’ efficacy without opening, this is quite a bummer. You also have to pay for shipping costs, if returning.

Bottom Line – Do We Recommend Strialite?

Despite the high price, we think Strialite is an interesting and efficient option for treating stretch marks.

So, if you can afford it, then yes, we’d definitely recommend giving Strialite a try.

The logic behind it makes sense, and the customers seem really pleased with the product, so it’s all good.

We would remind you to use it twice weekly and have patience with it, because a lot of the critics seem to have given up too soon, in our opinion.