How May Stretch Mark Treatments Actually Work?

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When it comes to stretch mark treatments, which ones really work? While there are many options for removing these embarrassing lines, you will want to understand how each one works, the associated costs and any risks that the treatment may have. Here are some of the most popular treatments and what each entails.

Laser Surgery for Stretch Marks

Laser surgery for stretch marks is a fairly new treatment option and works by the use of a pulse eye laser that is directed at the skin. It is designed to promote cell regeneration and to stimulate the production of collagen. It does require numerous visits to the dermatologist and can feel as though you are being repeated stung or pinched.

Some people may feel the need for anesthesia, depending on where on the body the laser is used. The cost is can vary by location, and usually runs between $400 and $1500 a session. Most people will require a minimum of six sessions before they start to see results.

Microdermabrasion for Stretch Marks

Microdermabrasion for stretch marks uses aluminum oxide crystals to buff away the top layer of skin. It helps promote skin cell regeneration and is not normally painful. However, many people report irritation and swelling at the treatment location for a few days after treatment.

Typically, twelve treatments are needed to see noticeable results and these can cost approximately $200 per session. The results will vary between individuals. There are also home microdermabrasion kits that are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at your local drug store. These are normally used every other week and have shown very favorable results with regular use.

Plastic Surgery for Stretch Marks

Plastic surgery to remove stretch marks, namely a tummy tuck operation, is an effective way of removing stretch marks. In plastic surgery for stretch marks, the skin below the belly button is mostly removed. This obviously gets rid of the stretch marks too.

However, at a cost of between $6000 and $8000 dollars, it is very expensive. This surgery also has the normal risks of regular invasive surgery, including those relating to anesthesia. You will also have several weeks of downtime while you heal.

Creams for Stretch Marks

There are a variety of creams and lotions that are effective in reducing the appearance stretch marks. Almost all of these creams for stretch marks contain cocoa butter, emu oil, aloe vera and vitamin E. The combination of these ingredients works to penetrate deeply into the skin and help promote collagen production and some cell regeneration. These creams usually require applications of at least twice a day for the best results.

Choosing the Best Stretch Mark Treatment for you

These stretch mark treatments are some of the most popular available today. Make sure you know all the ins and outs before you begin one. It is best to speak with others who have had or used these options and see what their results are.
You may also want to look at some of the online review sites and see what real people have to say about these treatments. Choose the treatment option that best suits your lifestyle, both in time and cost.