Setavan Stretch Mark Cream – Doin’ the Reviewin’

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In our never-ending quest for the perfect stretch mark cream, we hit upon the Setavan Stretch Mark Cream and decided to see what all the noise was about. From the reputable American brand Senvie, this cream for stretch marks comes with mixed reviews and boasts some truly skin-friendly products.

The universe of creams for stretch marks during pregnancy is a spacious one, in which it’s easy to get lost, so we were obviously eager to see if the Setavan SM Cream was worth its’ reputation or turned out to be just another name in the dust.

Diggin’ Deeper – what goes in it?

We believe that checking out the ingredient list is a surefire way of knowing whether or not a product will do what it’s intended to. Because this can be tedious and you might not have the time or patience to figure out what to look for, we did this for you, and found…

  • Jojoba Oil – an excellent skin moisturizer that combines vitamin E with the awesome vitamin B-complex and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent on the skin. This makes it particularly useful when it comes to treating fresh stretch marks, which your skin is struggling to heal;
  • Cocoa Butter – an essential plant-based source of essential fatty acids, cocoa butter, is a well-known method of nurturing your skin and boosting the production of elastin and collagen (the two most important factors in skin regeneration, and thus in the disappearance of stretch marks);
  • Olive Oil – a fabulous anti-oxidant and potent vitamin source (rich in vitamins A, C, E, and K), olive oil can help keep your skin clean and thoroughly moisturize even the deeper layers of the skin. It also protects your skin from the effects of free radicals, which can impede the natural healing process of stretch marks;
  • Mango Butter – a powerful emollient, it promotes the regeneration of damaged skin cells, as well as the growth of new ones, helping stretch marks fade away. It’s also a great source of vitamins and a potent anti-oxidant, thus working to both keep the skin clean and well-nurtured;
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract – mainly well known for its’ benefits in treating stretch marks, this extract is believed to aid the skin in regenerating itself. By penetrating further than the topmost layers, it boosts the skin’s healing process and makes blemishes less visible.

Overall, the Senvie Stretch Mark Cream comes with loads of really helpful, natural nutrients and emollients, also boasting panthenol and Shea butter, both too great for stretch mark treatment.

One thing we did not appreciate, however, was the presence of Tocopheryl Acetate, a form of hydroquinone – used as a skin lightening agent, great in fading stretch marks. This is fine for short term use, but after a more extended period, it tends to irreversibly damage the skin’s natural pigment, and thus is something to be wary of.

Askin’ the questions

Does the Setavan SM Cream work on old/faded stretch marks?

No, it does not seem to work on old stretch marks. Though many of its’ ingredients are targeted at boosting the healing process, most reviewers claim it did not improve their old, white marks, sadly.

Is it okay to use this while pregnant?

Yes, Setavan SM Cream is safe for use while pregnant or while breastfeeding. It can also be used safely by children.

How long does it usually take until you see results? And are they permanent?

Anywhere from 1-3 weeks, possibly to never, judging by the overwhelming amount of negative reviews. If you do see results, yes, they will be permanent, because damaged skin that has been shed away can’t miraculously come back.

How should I use this for optimal results?

The manufacturers recommend massaging the cream into your skin twice daily, morning and evening, focusing on areas that are affected by stretch marks.

Listenin’ to the People – Does Setavan Stretch Mark Cream Work?

Scouring through the cream’s reviews, we compiled a quick list of what works and what doesn’t, and were, quite frankly, discouraged by the sheer amount of bad reviews.


  • Pleasant, citrus smell;
  • Impressive, organic ingredients;
  • Seemed to tighten flabby skin;
  • Isn’t too thick in consistency and is easily absorbed;
  • Does hydrate the skin.


  • Some claim it helped fade their marks somewhat, but I worry that might be the hydroquinone at work (not the best way to diminish stretch marks, as I said);
  • Might give a light rash, especially for those with sensitive skin;
  • There’s an overwhelming amount of good reviews done in return for a free or severely discounted product, which makes me doubt their authenticity;
  • Quite expensive;
  • More people said it did nothing than those who said it did.

So, to answer our question, Setavan SM Cream might work on some people, but it’s not guaranteed and does not seem like a top choice, at least for us.

Drawin’ the Conclusions

Overall, we feel that this stretch mark cream is quite pricey for something that only has a vague possibility of working, and we think that for the same amount, you could get a stretch mark cream with better reviews.

One such product that left us with a pleasant impression was the TriLastin Stretch Mark Cream. We did a review of TriLastin cream and concluded that while also quite pricey, it seemed to work, particularly when it came to fading away old stretch marks.

For the above reasons, we wouldn’t generally recommend the Setavan Stretch Mark Cream, as it didn’t inspire us any trust, but hey, if you feel like it’s worth it, then go for it! Above all, we encourage our readers to think for themselves!