Do Teenage Stretch Marks Fade Away?

Do teenage stretch marks just fade away? Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t, but teenaged stretch marks are the easiest of all stretch marks to treat.

How to Treat Stretch Marks on Legs Caused by Pregnancy

As if cellulite were not enough, many women develop stretch marks on their legs and hips during pregnancy. Getting rid of stretch marks on the legs, however, is usually easier than removing stretch marks from other parts of the body, if treatment is started as soon as possible.

Does Celtrixa Really Work?

Celtrixa is a pricey but, some say, a highly effective treatment for stretch marks caused by pregnancy. But does Celtrixa really work?

Does Bio Oil Really Work on Stretch Marks?

Bio Oil for stretch marks works because, well, it’s oily. Here is an explanation of why the 75 to 90 per cent of women who get stretch marks during pregnancy usually do better if they use a skin oil rather than a skin cream.

Palmers Stretch Mark Cream: A Review

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Cream – Palmers Stretch Mark Cream is a value priced cream that is effective for preventing stretch marks from occuring in pregnant women. It does this by keeping the skin supple and elastic and helping it to stretch more.

The Magic of Mustela Stretch Mark Cream

Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action – Mustela Stretch Mark Cream is a product that is very popular especially amongst women who are pregnant or have just given birth. This product helps to lessen the visibility of stretch marks on the abdomen and other parts of the body.