Palmers Stretch Mark Cream: A Review

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Palmers stretch mark cream is used to help prevent stretch marks especially in pregnant women. It contains cocoa butter and can be used to help keep white stretch marks from appearing on the body.

How Palmers Stretch Mark Cream Works

Palmers Stretch Mark Cream works by massaging the cream into the skin on a daily basis to prevent stretch marks from occurring. The cream must be used to prevent stretch marks and should be used at the first sign of pregnancy. For the best results it should be used on a daily basis.

The cream should be massaged into the skin on the breasts, abdomen and thighs. This is where stretch marks usually occur in women who are pregnant. This can keep the skin more supple and elastic, allowing it to stretch easier. Stretch marks are caused by the skin resisting the change, which usually occurs during weight loss or gain.

Ingredients In Palmers Cream

The Palmers Cocoa Butter formula uses cocoa butter as a way to keep skin softer, smoother and suppler. Cocoa butter is made up of cocoa butter as well as other ingredients that are used to make skin more pliable in this stretch mark cream product. This cream is not designed to treat or remove stretch marks, but can be used to help prevent them from occurring.

Pros of Palmers Stretch Mark Cream

According to reviews, many of the positive attributes of this product include the following:

  • Value priced
  • Nice scent
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth
  • Natural remedy for stretch marks
  • Works to prevent stretch marks from occurring

Cons of Palmers Stretch Mark Cream

Going by customer reviews, some of the negative aspects about the product, include:

  • Greasy
  • Takes time to massage into the skin
  • Does not cure existing stretch marks
  • Allergic reactions in some cases

According to consumer reports, there are no complaints about this product regarding harm to anyone who uses it or claims of false advertising. The product claims to help prevent stretch marks from occurring. You can read more reviews to see if this is the right product for you.

It is important for anyone who is looking for a cure for stretch marks that already exist to be aware of the fact that this product will not treat existing stretch marks. It is merely used as a preventative measure against acquiring stretch marks.

What Gets Rid Of Stretch Marks?

There are several ways to get rid of stretch marks in the body. The best measure, however, is to prevent them from occurring. Two ways that stretch marks can be cured include the following:

  1. Stretch mark treatment creams
  2. Laser therapy

If you are interested in getting rid of existing stretch marks must use one of these two options, if the stretch marks bother them. You can find out more about creams to remove stretch marks by reading a stretch mark cream review.

Stretch marks are very common among pregnant women and can occur before, during and after pregnancy. You can also get stretch marks if you lose weight or are body building. You should do what you can to make your skin more elastic so that it will be less resistant to stretching.