Microdermabrasion Crystals: What They Do and How to Have Them

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What is the purpose and the benefits of using microdermabrasion crystals? If you’re familiar with the process, then you’ll know that they are more than just those that are “rubbed” into the skin. They help your skin rejuvenate, revealing younger-looking appearance.

Dermabrasion Crystals

Dermabrasion refers to a broad spectrum of applications that has one objective: remove the topmost layer of the skin. The epidermis is important because it prevents even the very small molecules from getting into the dermis, which is the deeper layer of the skin. However, the epidermis is also made up of dead skin cells.

By using such crystals, you can help remove the dead skin cells and allow the skin to reproduce newer ones at a much faster rate. In the process, you can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and lighten the color and texture of acne scars, age spots, and other blemishes.

There are quite a number of pure microdermabrasion crystals you can choose. One of the most commonly used is aluminum oxide crystals. The main component, which is aluminum oxide, is considered to be organic or all natural. It’s produced by earth.

Why are these preferred over the other types of crystals? For one, they are quite hard, so they don’t end up turning into powder during the Dermabrasion process. They also have rugged edges or surfaces, which you definitely need to lift off the dead skin cells.

There are salons and clinics that utilize diamond microdermabrasion machines. The problem is they are very expensive. Crystals of aluminum oxide will cost you less than $3 per pound. Moreover, there are different colors to select, though majority are colored white.

Most of all they are anti-bacterial. It’s going to be ironic if the treatments themselves only worsen your skin problem. With their anti-bacterial properties, you are ensured you don’t develop acne or infection during the treatment.

How to Use Microdermabrasion Crystals

How does a microdermabrasion crystal work? There are two ways. Microdermabrasion crystals may be used together with crystal microdermabrasion machines. The crystals are placed inside a cartridge and then made to pass through a tube then to a wand called the Venturi suction. You then bombard the skin with the crystals. Along the way, the crystals are sucked up back by the equipment and placed into another cartridge, ready for disposal.

The other method is to purchase creams and a skin care kit with microdermabrasion crystals. Though they are less effective than machines, they are gentler. You can also do microdermabrasion anytime and anywhere.

How to Buy a Machine for Home Use

If you really want to save money from professional treatments, you can just do microdermabrasion right at your own home. Besides purchasing skin care supplies, you can also find a portable machine such as Crystalift.

This machine has vacuum technology that can give you the skin you are hoping in less than 10 minutes. It has a smaller wand that sprays crystals on your target area and sucks them again.

Note that when you’re buying the crystals, they should be of exact size.