Male Stretch Marks – Stretch Marks on Men Don’t Just Fade Away, So Prevention is Key

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Stretch marks are something most of more commonly associate with pregnancy, but men can get them, too. The men who get stretch marks are precisely those who invest the greatest time and care in their appearance by working out and bulking up.

Male stretch marks most commonly appear near the shoulders. Building up the pectoral, deltoid, bicep, and tricep muscles puts a strain on the skin lying over them. Tiny, red lines can appear where the skin can’t grow fast enough to keep up with muscle. Adolescent males can develop stretch marks over their shoulders, but also on the thighs and buttocks, especially if they are active in sports.

The most important thing to remember about stretch marks is men is very simple:

It’s always easier to treat stretch marks while the skin is still red.

If you wait until skin turns white, then it is very difficult to stimulate the growth of collagen that fills in the skin and eliminates the mark. If a stretch mark is treated while it is still “young” and reddened, then many different treatments can be used to get rid of the stretch mark almost as soon as it develops.

Men who develop stretch marks usually benefit from using a combination of treatments. Here are some of the simplest effective treatments that restore smooth skin:

    1. Showering in warm or cold water, not hot. Skin that is exposed to hot water shrivels and flakes, making it tighter over the stretch mark.

    2. Roller massage. A Japanese massage roller, a metal cylinder studded with needles about 1 mm (1/25 of an inch) high, stimulates the growth of collagen in the skin by simulating skin injury. It is important to remember that the idea behind using the massage roller is to simulate injury, not actually to cause it. If you draw blood with roller massage, you are pressing too hard.

    3. Stretch mark creams. Skin creams that contain vitamin C in the form of ascorbyl palmitate help the skin make its own collagen. If you are eating enough protein to grow muscle, you do not need more protein for the benefit of your skin.

    4. Giving yourself at off season. Don’t bulk up in your off season. Unless you follow your workout routine carefully, you are likely just to gain weight, not muscle, but you stress your skin by never giving it a chance to catch up with muscle growth.

    5. Microdermabrasion for fine lines. Consider home microdermabrasion. Costing less than 20 per cent as much as microdermabrasion at the dermatologist’s office, this method can smooth red stretch lines in just a few treatments and white stretch lines over several weeks to months.

Don’t waste your money on collagen for your skin. Your pores can’t absorb collagen, and as soon as you sweat or shower, the collagen will fall off your skin. Taking time off from training, roller massage, vitamin C-based stretch mark creams, and home microdermabrasion are the best ways to get rid of red and purple fine stretch lines before they become permanent.