Loreal Microdermabrasion: A Product from a World-renowned Brand

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What sets Loreal microdermabrasion apart from the rest? Besides the fact you actually have two products to choose from, the technology behind them has been developed by one of the trusted skin care brands in the world.

Update: L’Oreal Refinish Microdermabrasion System has been discontinued.

Know More about Microdermabrasion System

Microdermabrasion refers to a number of applications. The main purpose of this is to remove the topmost layer of the skin. Unknown to many, the epidermis, particularly the stratum corneum, is made up of dead skin cells. They are found on the top layer of the skin since they act as shields for the deeper layer, which is the dermis.

However, it’s the top layer that bears the brunt of time, such as wrinkles and acne scars on the face. Surely, you can cover them up with cosmetics, but you may be wishing right now of another method. That is microdermabrasion.

Usually, when you need the treatment, you visit a salon or a cosmetic clinic. Depending on the skin problem you have, it may last for a couple of sessions. Each visit may cost around a hundred dollars to a thousand. For an ordinary man or woman, that’s going to be hefty.

This is where the microdermabrasion at home comes in. The ingredients found in the creams are very similar to those used by these salons and clinics, though you can do away with machines. Rather, you can use your fingers or cloth to apply the product on your face.

Loreal Microdermabrasion: Two Choices

Microdermabrasion is one of the main product lines of Loreal, and so far, they have come up with two. The first one is called Loreal refinish microdermabrasion. You may want to use this when you have plenty of skin issues, such as skin discoloration and age spots. The cream has the ability to even your skin tone.

It also acts as a moisturizer, hydrating the skin and making the fine lines and wrinkles less visible. Within a few weeks of use, you will also see your skin becoming more radiant or glowing. You may also use this product as a sort of maintenance, if you have opted for microdermabrasion from a professional. Moreover, this works in almost all types of skin, except for sensitive.

The other one is known as L’oreal revitalift microdermabrasion kit. It’s far simpler than the first one and may be utilized when you simply want to take care of your skin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles or reduce the signs of acne scars. It is completely oil free, so there’s a very slim chance of developing acne from this. It can also act as a sunscreen, with SPF 15.

Loreal Microdermabrasion: How to Buy

So where to buy Loreal microdermabrasion? Because of the brand’s demand and popularity, you can already purchase it anywhere, such as in Amazon. The good thing about buying there is you can also read reviews from users.

If you find the products pretty hefty for your wallet, you can seek for a coupon, which may entitle you to discounts.