Does “It Works” Stretch Mark Cream Work?

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It may be a new day, but we’re looking at the same old stretch mark, and this time, we’re reviewing the It Works! Stretch Marks Cream, from the eponymous brand. Now, I’ve heard good things about It Works! and their products, so I’m quite eager to see if they do work or if it’s just marketing nonsense.

As always, in my review, I’ll be looking at the science that might or might not support this stretch marks cream’s claims, as well as the customer reviews, and finally, giving you a quick guide on what you should expect and how to use for best results, so buckle up and let’s go!

Does “It Works!” Really Work?

What can you expect from this stretch marks “miracle” cream?

Saying that something works against stretch marks is by no means a small boast. As we’ve all seen by now, stretch marks are stubborn, pesky little things that are difficult to get rid of, so it’s best if we regard any “so-and-so cream works” with caution.

But the people at “It Works!” are making some impressive claims about their products, and they’re backing those claims with a lot of natural medicine lore. The “It Works!” stretch mark cream is said not only to treat existing stretch marks by moisturizing the damaged skin layers but also to help prevent the appearance of new ones (because obviously, the better-moisturized your skin is, the easier it gets to adapt to excessive stretching).

Does “It Works!” Work Against Old Stretch Marks?

If you’ve dealt with stretch marks before, you’ve probably noticed that old, white stretch marks can be even more bothersome than fresh, angry (and usually red or pink) stretch marks.

Why is that? Well, while the red stretch marks may be more annoying on the spot since they tend to itch more and might even be painful for some, it’s the old, white ones you need to look out for. You see, the hurting and the itching are good signs. They’re signs that tell you your body is working to repair the streaks in your skin and to compensate with new, healthy skin cells.

On the other hand, with white stretch marks, that’s no longer a thing, and the reason old stretch marks are easier to live with is that your body has given up on fixing them. This is also why it’s best to use any stretch mark product on fresh stretch marks rather than old ones to support your body’s natural healing efforts.

Unfortunately, the testimonials from women using “It Works!” to get rid of old, white stretch marks are a little sparse. In theory, sure, “It Works!” should also work well in treating existing old stretch marks, but at this point, I can’t say for sure.

What’s Inside The “It Works!” Stretch Marks Cream?

As with any product, we need to take a closer look at the ingredients it uses to ascertain its efficiency for hydrating and healing the skin.

Tocopheryl Acetate

While this one may sound highly chemical, it’s just another form of Vitamin E, which is highly helpful in treating all sorts of skin afflictions, including stretch marks. The commonly accepted truth seems to be that Vitamin E is great for boosting the appearance of skin and restoring tired, dull skin’s glow. However, the evidence to support its benefits for scars is slim to non-existent.

Hyaluronic Acid

It’s often touted as a miracle ingredient for aged, damaged skin, and with good reason! Hyaluronic acid has been shown to boost moisture levels, make skin appear smoother, and make the skin look younger and firmer. Including it in a skincare product is a no-brainer, particularly when you consider that it also supports wound healing, making Hyaluronic acid doubly useful for fresh stretch marks.


Also commonly known as Vitamin B5, panthenol is great for reducing redness and soothing itch, which again recommends it for use against angry red stretch marks. Panthenol is also a powerful moisturizer, which may protect and replenish damaged skin and perhaps boost collagen production in the affected area.

Centella Asiatica

Centella extract is often used in skincare to moisturize and boost the appearance and encourage the healing of small wounds. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties allow it to form a protective layer around the damaged skin area and facilitate healing.

Aloe Vera

Another well-known natural remedy for a hoard of skin afflictions, Aloe Vera, has gained its renown because it works to retain skin moisture, which in turn allows the stretch-marked skin to heal and regenerate. Aloe may also provide a soothing effect, which might help keep side effects at bay, such as redness, itchiness, and so on.

What About Bad Ingredients?

Much as I love praising the healthy ingredients in a product, I can’t gloss over the less than pleasant ones, and “It Works!” contains its fair share of those. For one, Phenoxyethanol is a dangerous ingredient, particularly for mothers-to-be, newborns, and people trying to conceive. Polysorbate 20, while not dangerous in itself, may be contaminated with known carcinogen 1,4-Dioxane, which again is something I would steer clear from.

But looking past the dangerous chemicals, the “It Works!” stretch mark cream contains lots of great, natural products that give it great potential to treat and prevent stretch marks and maintain optimal skin moisture levels.

What Are People Saying?

As you know by now, if you’ve been following our blog, it’s not enough to dig up a few studies that support its ingredients. In order to truly understand what a product can and can’t do, you also need to see what the people who use it have to say, which is what I’m going to be doing in this next section.

The good:

  • Pleasant smell;
  • Many noticed a difference in appearance;
  • “Stretch marks faded immensely”;
  • Appropriate name because it works, some say;
  • Results after just one tube of cream;
  • The delicate smell won’t bother you if you’re experiencing sensitivities while pregnant;

The bad:

  • It’s quite expensive
  • Several people complain about it not working, so go figure;
  • While noting that it is a good moisturizer, many people say it didn’t help their stretch marks.

The “It Works!” stretch mark cream is rated at 3.6 stars out of five on Amazon, so that’s not too great a rating. Honestly, having read through the customer reviews for the “It Works!” cream, I’m left with mixed feelings since there seems to be about the same amount of evidence to support either side.

Other “It Works” products…

If you do decide to trust the “It Works!” brand, you might as well go all the way since they offer some nice products to complement your skincare routine.

For one, they advise buying the stretch mark cream together with the “It Works!” Defining Gel. It’s formulated with Witch Hazel, Gotu Kola, Eucalyptus Extract, and loads of other excellent natural ingredients. It claims to tighten loose skin and restore a youthful appearance and comes with an impressive amount of good reviews online, so you might want to try this out.

Another interesting offering from the “It Works” product line is the “It Works” wrap for stretch marks. Also referred to as “body applicators,” these wraps are frequently bought with the gel (and will even come with a gel sample if you decide to buy them).

As their name suggests, they’re cloth wraps that are infused with a potent mix of ingredients and that need to be left on the skin for about 45 minutes to reap their full, tightening, and firming benefits.

From what I can tell, the wraps are aimed at people struggling with loose skin and the effects of old age, so if that’s a problem for you, I suggest going for it, although, for stretch mark treatment alone, I think the “It Works!” stretch marks cream is enough.

Just for the record, all the “It Works!” products above carry a lot of great reviews online, so do feel free to try them if you wish!

“It Works!”… But How?

In the following section, I’ll be answering some commonly asked questions about the “It Works!” stretch mark cream, such as usage and buying tips.

  • How often should I use the “It Works!” stretch mark cream?

The manufacturer recommends using the cream twice daily, ideally in the morning and evening, after a hot shower to open the pores.

  • How should I apply the “It Works!” cream?

Using gentle, circular motions, massage the product into the affected skin. Don’t just dump it on top of the skin, but rather insist a little on each area. This will help absorption and will also stimulate the blood flow in the area, which in turn boosts collagen production.

  • When should I start using the cream?

If you know you’re going to be undergoing a drastic weight change (for example, you’re starting an intense bodybuilding routine), then it’s recommended to start using the “It Works!” cream as soon as possible. This gives your skin better chances of adapting to the intense stretching.

  • Should I use the “It Works!” stretch mark cream while pregnant?

While the manufacturer recommends doing that, I wouldn’t. Because of some of the ingredients’ potential dangers, I would suggest staying away from the “It Works!” cream while pregnant, nursing, or trying to conceive. While it’s not sure that these things can happen, you don’t want to play around with your infant’s life and health.

  • Does the “It Works!” cream expire?

Like any other product, the “It Works!” stretch marks cream does expire, and some Amazon customers received, it seems, expired products. That’s why you should always buy straight from the source and use the cream in the recommended time period.

Mederma Vs. It Works – Stretch Mark Cream Showdown

Mederma is a long-standing and well-respected manufacturer of pregnancy products. Their stretch mark cream has fantastic reviews and is ranked slightly better (4.2 out of 5) than the It Works cream. I particularly like the Mederma cream because it doesn’t contain any dangerous ingredients and can be safely used even during pregnancy or while nursing.

Both products have great potential and a good reputation, but I would suggest turning to Mederma while you’re expecting!

Final Thoughts – Should you use “It Works!”?

That’s up to you. There seem to be some good, “It Works!” results out there, although the mixed reviews and ingredients make me reluctant to recommend. If you liked what you read here, then go for it. If not, look for other products, such as the Mederma, as mentioned earlier, or TriLastin, or Skinception, all fabulous, well-ranking stretch marks solutions!