Insta Natural Stretch Mark Cream Review – the Ballad of an All-Natural Wonder

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For a long while there, the Insta Natural Stretch Mark Cream was the product of choice in treating your stretch marks, or at least seemed to be. That is why I’ve decided to do a quick review of this product. While the cream itself seems to be unavailable (or possibly discontinued) at the time, it can still be useful to understand how a popular stretch mark product works.

What Were the Ingredients?

As you’ve no doubt learned by now, one of my favorite things to do, when it comes to reviewing products, is to go to the ingredient list and figure out how the cream is supposed to work. At first glance, it seems a real shame that the Insta Natural Stretch Mark Cream is unavailable, as it truly boasted an impressive ingredient list.

I particularly love the array of ingredients: they are true to the name, all-natural. We have:

  • Aloe Vera is a skin softener and a powerful natural weapon against infection, bacteria, and any other icky things that might make your skin’s appearance worse.
  • Vitamin C is a must-have, both in your internal diet, as well as in your skincare. It is responsible for boosting collagen production, which helps your skin grow new healthy cells and prevents tearing from excessive stretching.
  • Vitamin E is another highly popular vitamin to include both in diet and skincare products. It’s believed to support skin cell regeneration and act as a potent moisturizer.
  • Macadamia Oil is a powerful moisturizer that will strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier and help protect it from free radicals or excessive dryness.

… and so, so many other excellent ingredients that might help restore your skin to its natural beauty. While some of these are a bit thin in scientific studies, at least they’re not harmful or dangerous.

The Popular Opinion

Several customers noted that the Insta Natural Stretch Mark Cream helped keep their skin moisturized and healthy, which is all you can hope for from a stretch mark product, really (since stretch marks are genetic and thus, non-preventable).

The only negative opinions seem to be either about poor delivery services or an altered formula, but I doubt those carry much importance since the product is no longer available.

The Safety

One last major aspect of any stretch mark product review is the safety of its use. Since the Insta Natural Stretch Mark Cream ingredients were all-natural, this product was 100% safe for use during pregnancy/nursing.

The Bottom Line

Personally, I love what I’ve read about the cream, and if you can find it somewhere, I suggest getting it. If not, then remember there are plenty of worthwhile options to fade stretch marks and moisturize skin, such as Trilastin SR stretch mark cream, Skinception stretch mark therapy, and Mederma Stretch Mark Cream. I advise you to pick one of these and give it a few months since most users were super-satisfied with the results!