How to Prevent Stretch Marks with Easy Treatment Options

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Many women want to know how to prevent stretch marks. It is important to understand that prevention is the key when it comes to these reddish or purplish lines. Because this cosmetic issue is almost always associated with pregnancy, it is also important to know that there are other events in your life that may cause stretch marks.

First, here is a little information on what stretch marks and what causes them.

Stretch Marks: What Are They and What Causes Them?

Stretch marks are small tears and rips in the dermis layer of the skin. This layer is found in the middle and helps give the skin its shape. When the collagen level drops or the skin is stretched past its point of elasticity, the tears or rips occur. These marks appear on the epidermis or the top layer of the skin and are usually purplish or reddish in color. With time, they fade to white or silver, with striations present in the lines.

Stretch marks are usually causes by rapid weight gain or weight loss. Pregnancy and weight lifting are two of the main causes of stretch marks but some people actually have a hereditary tendency towards them as well.

Some medical conditions, such as diabetes and Cushing’s Disease also can contribute to stretch marks. By knowing the causes of stretch marks, you can start a prevention program to keep them from appearing.

Most Effective Ways Of Preventing Stretch Marks

One of the best ways of preventing stretch marks is by using a good cream for stretch marks. More than likely, the cream will contain cocoa butter, emu oil, and other essential ingredients. The key to using these creams is to apply them at least twice daily. They help to hydrate the skin and raise the levels of elasticity. Cocoa butter penetrates very deeply into the skin, which helps to increase the skin’s ability to stretch. These creams to prevent stretch marks are readily available and are usually somewhat inexpensive.

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

While there are several treatment options for getting rid of stretch marks, some are very expensive. Laser surgery and cosmetic surgery can be very costly and can also be extremely painful. In addition, plastic surgery comes with many risks, including those brought on by the use of anesthesia.

Laser surgery can also require anesthesia and both can have significant downtime. Laser surgery also requires many appointments, as does Microderm Abrasion. In fact, Microderm Abrasion may result in additional scarring.

The best treatments for those that do not want or cannot afford such procedures to use a good cream specifically designed for stretch mark reduction. Some of these creams have provided outstanding results when it comes to reducing the appearance of these silvery lines.

A Few Final Thoughts

You don’t have to live with stretch marks. There is a lot you can learn on how to prevent stretch marks, as well as to treat those you already have. Using a cream that contains cocoa butter, emu oil, Vitamin E and other similar ingredients will go a long way in decreasing the risk of getting stretch marks.

While there are some surgical procedures that may be effective, they are cost prohibitive for many people. You can reduce the appearance of stretch marks by utilizing the right topical products.