Top Ten Tips on How to Hide Stretch Marks

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Jenny was elated when she finally found a diet that worked. Having needed to lose 50 pounds (22 kilos) for nearly 10 years, Jenny went on a doctor-supervised weight loss program that took off the pounds in just eight weeks. Jenny’s joy was diluted, however, the first time she tried on a new bathing suit. Her rapid weight loss had left big, red, noticeable stretch marks. Jenny did not know what to do.

Jenny’s problem was far from unique. Losing weight too fast can cause stretch marks. Gaining weight too fast can cause stretch marks. Building up biceps, triceps, deltoids, and pecs, taking steroid medications for skin conditions, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the teenage growth spurt can also cause stretch marks on the face, breasts, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

The Right Stretch Mark Cover Up For Your Skin Tone Makes All the Difference

The mistake most people make in concealing stretch marks is not matching the coverup to their basic skin tones. People blessed with dark skin tones and sun-resistant skin, for example, would not use the same coverups as people endowed with fair and sun-sensitive skin.

The right coverup for your stretch marks depends on your personal skin characteristics.

Getting rid of stretch marks is usually a prolonged process, but stretch marks are not usually hard to conceal. Here are the top ten tips on how to hide stretch marks with a minimum of makeup while you are working at getting rid of the for good:

  1. Conceal your stretch marks with clothing. Choose pants that ride higher on the abdomen, and combine them with longer shirts. Your shirt should come down to the middle of your hips to conceal any stretch marks that would be revealed when you raise your arms.
  2. Conceal stretch marks on your legs with a sarong. This traditional Indonesian garment comes in short and long styles for women and fashion-adventurous men.
  3. Try a tankini, a two-piece suit that covers the abdomen. The contrast of colors can also conceal belly fat.
    Wearing Tankini
  4. Apply water-proof concealer when you tan or swim. Be sure to match the color of your concealer to your skin tone to avoid creating stretch marks that are simply a different shade. Also make sure your concealer contains just a little green. This is not to give you green skin, but to neutralize the redness in the stretch mark.
  5. Try a spray-on tan. This is easiest for older, whiter stretch marks. Apply with a cotton swab or Q-tip to make sure the stretch line gets a darker tan than surrounding skin.
  6. Keep your skin well moisturized. Use emu oil, shea butter, or cocoa butter to moisturize skin and make stretch marks less noticeable.
  7. Keep your skin exfoliated with alpha- or beta-hydroxy acids. Plant acid products, especially beta-hydroxy acids, remove dead skin cells that keep the skin tight and make stretch marks more noticeable. If you have dark skin, it’s important to choose an exfoliant that does not sting. In dark skin, irritation and inflammation can cause pigmentation, which is the problem you are trying to treat.
  8. For pink or purple stretch lines, consider CoverBlend. This product fills in the stretch mark and matches the tones in surrounding skin.
  9. How to cover up stretch marks on the face and neck? Airbrush makeup is ideal for stretch marks in highly visible areas of the body. It should only be applied after moisturizing and exfoliating the skin first. It is important to use a light touch, not applying too much pigment to a single spot. When treating the face, spread the makeup upward from the stretch mark so it is covered continuously with surrounding skin. When treating the shoulders or breasts, spread makeup downward so that the rest of the torso has the same color.
  10. The stretch marks that are easiest to treat are the hardest to conceal. If your stretch marks are of recent origin and the skin is still red, try to treat them rather than to conceal them.