How Often to Do Microdermabrasion

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Microdermabrasion can be a very effective method of diminishing the appearance of stretch marks, but how often should you do it?

While we’ve talked extensively about the many benefits of getting a microderm, as well as discussed, the best at-home microdermabrasion machines, we haven’t talked about the frequency of treatment that will get you optimal results.

You can read more pros and cons of microdermabrasion systems here, but for now, let’s say you already have a microderm machine and are considering the next steps.

Getting Microdermabrasion Regulary – Balance is the Key

Opinions on this are divided. Many professionals suggest doing a microderm every 4-6 weeks, to allow your skin time to regenerate in between sessions (your skin generally regenerates at 30-day intervals).

Others, however, suggest going in for a microderm every two weeks, especially if you’re trying to improve a specific problem (e.g., fade away stretch marks), and not just doing it as a skin boost.

Usually, people start with a more intense, weekly regimen of Microdermabrasion, if they’re doing it to correct a specific problem, and then gradually reduce it to once a month.

But in truth, there is no actual limit to how many microderm sessions you can have. It all depends on your skin. If your skin isn’t too sensitive and seems to tolerate the treatment well, then you might even consider doing weekly Microdermabrasion.

Tip: It’s worth noting that professional Microdermabrasion is costly, and most could not afford to do it weekly, much less several times a week, so that might explain why professionals recommend doing it so rarely.

How about Microderm Facial?

We’ve talked before about how to do a microdermabrasion facial in your own home, using your own machine, but how frequently should you do it?

Generally, the same 30-day rule of thumb applies here. Thanks to cell-turnover, you’re advised to wait around a month before going for another treatment. However, many people use at-home microderm machines far more frequently than that with no problems.

If your skin tends to be sensitive, we wouldn’t advise going overboard, even if the instruction manual says to do it 3 times a week. Always be patient. In your rush to get glowing skin, you might end up hurting yourself more.

The frequency of facials depends on your skin type.

  • If you have an oily skin, you should do one at least every 2 weeks, then tone it down, as your skin begins to improve.
  • If you have normal/combination skin, you should do one at least every month
  • If you have dry or sensitive skin, you might get fewer facials, depending on how well you tolerate it.

But Can I Do At-Home Microdermabrasion More Frequently?

While we love at-home microderm machines and really believe they can be useful and save you a lot of cash, we know nothing truly compares with Microdermabrasion done by a professional.

Chances are your at-home microderm machine won’t bring out all the gunk and won’t be quite as harsh or effective, which is why it’s recommended to be used more often (2-3 times a week).

But this depends on you and your skin. It’s a trial-and-error process until you find what’s best for you.

You might not have time to do a microderm session all over the body that often, but we suggest you make time to do one at least every week (if your skin tolerates it), to get results.

Alternatively, Can I Do Microderm Daily?

What should You Do after Microdermabrasion?

You seriously shouldn’t. A microderm session leaves your skin sensitive and usually dry. It’s encouraged that you nurture and moisturize it, to prevent irritation and breakouts.

Remember, while you can technically do Microdermabrasion as many times as you like, you still need to give your skin time to heal and regenerate.

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Microderm?

Of course, there is. If you over-stress your skin by doing too many microderms, you risk experiencing redness, irritation, and even breakouts. Not to mention that applying strong suction to dry and sensitive skin (which is how your skin feels after a microderm) may result in lesions, bruising, and even scarring.

Bottom Line

We love Microdermabrasion, but we want to make sure you practice it safely. Please don’t exaggerate. Doing more sessions in a week won’t get you faster results, it will just weaken your skin and possibly damage your appearance.