Does Egyptian Magic Help Stretch Marks?

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When you hear a name like Egyptian Magic, you feel compelled to look it over, and when I heard it’s supposedly a great remedy for stretch marks, I was sold out immediately. This fascinating little jar of body cream promises to work wonders for your skin, and in this article, I’ll be ascertaining whether it can hold its own.

While this is called Egyptian Magic, rest assured I’m under no spell, and so, I shall be providing a 100% honest review.

Let’s get to it.

What Is This Egyptian Magic, Exactly?

Egyptian Magic is an all-natural moisturizing cream that is said to have been inspired by common remedies dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt. The remedies are old, but they continue to be respected within the alternative medicine community, giving Egyptian Magic some amount of trust.

The cream itself boasts an impressive almost 30-year existence, having come out in 1991. In these decades, it has amassed an impressive list of A-list customers, among which Cameron Diaz, “Pretty Little Liars” star Ashley Benson, and actress Rooney Mara.

What’s in It?

So it’s based on some pretty popular natural ingredients that were said to work wonders in Ancient Egypt. But what are they, exactly? And what can we expect from the Egyptian Magic cream for stretch marks?

Honey has long been a popular at-home remedy for dry skin and various skin afflictions, such as acne. This is closely related to honey’s antimicrobial properties, which allow it to kill bacteria off the skin and protect you from external, damaging factors. Honey has also been shown to have an illuminating and restorative effect, making it popular for people with acne scars, and why not, stretch marks.

Olive Oil is another famous moisturizer that might be sitting even now inside your cupboard. It’s got powerful softening properties and has been used as a skin and hair conditioner for centuries now. Much like honey, olive oil also boasts impressive bacteria-killing skills, which in turn facilitates the healing of damaged skin (in our case, stretch marks).

Royal Jelly is another powerhouse of nutrients and essential vitamins and has been shown to boost collagen production – essential to rebuilding stretch-marked skin. This bee-hive extract has also been linked with boosting skin repair and encouraging the regeneration of damaged tissue.

Beeswax is often used in natural skincare products to form a protective layer around a wound or just on the skin in general. This protective layer creates a barrier between your damaged skin and potentially damaging external factors. This protection, in turn, allows it to heal unencumbered.

Bee propolis is often used to treat various internal afflictions, such as sore throat, but that’s not the only thing it’s good for. Not by a long shot. In fact, bee propolis is often used to treat skin issues, like acne, because it’s good to kill bacteria and encourage skin repair, making it a great addition to this product.

The Egyptian Magic cream also contains bee pollen, but since that boasts similar antibacterial and moisturizing properties, I’ll just leave things as they are. Frankly, I was impressed by the all-natural ingredient list here, as well as the fact that each and every one of these ingredients is backed both by science and popular opinion.

What Are People Saying?

Sure, it’s great knowing that Cameron Diaz uses this. It’s also really good that it’s got the scientific data to support its claims. But in my experience, one of the best ways to figure out if a cream is efficient or not is to go to the customers. Read below what I was able to find.

The good stuff:

  • A little goes a long way, so the jar will last you quite a bit;
  • Makes complexion appear super-healthy;
  • Lightens scars;
  • Great for use during pregnancy – no stretch marks;
  • Potent moisturizer;
  • Speeds up wound healing;
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and supple;
  • Non-greasy.

The bad stuff:

  • I’ve seen many people complaining about getting a fake product from Amazon, so I’d advise you to be careful who you order from!
  • Quite pricey.

All in all, there were few negative reviews aside from those warning of fakes, so I guess the Egyptian Magic cream passes the customer review test as well.

How Does It Works for Stretch Marks?

Right, so we’ve ascertained it’s a pretty good product for skin in general, but what is it supposed to do for your stretch marks?

Prevention: By using Egyptian Magic while pregnant, you’re deeply moisturizing your skin, which will help it adapt to intense stretching. Now, no product can prevent stretch marks. Their appearance is dictated by genetics, not skin hydration. However, a good moisturizer can seriously diminish the appearance of stretch marks.

Treatment: It works similarly for existing stretch marks. By encouraging wound healing, Egyptian Magic promises to be a good fit for angry, red stretch marks that your body is already trying to heal. It may also be efficient for old, white stretch marks, as it encourages the production of new, healthy skin cells.

What Should You Know about Egyptian Magic?

I’m sensing you’ve still got one or two questions lingering in that brain of yours, so let’s see if we can’t lay some of them to rest.

  • Is it safe to use Egyptian Magic while pregnant?

    Yes! Since the cream only contains healthy, natural products, it’s 100% okay to use it while pregnant or nursing.

  • How often should I use Egyptian Magic cream for stretch marks?

    As often as necessary, but ideally twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night, after a shower.

  • When in my pregnancy, should I start using it?

    Start using it as early as possible, to moisturize the skin better!

  • How should I apply it?

    Scoop up a small quantity and rub it into the skin using circular motions (to stimulate blood flow!).

Final Words – Should You Buy It?

I was honestly very impressed both by the excellent reviews, as well as the natural ingredients. For that reason, I would heartily recommend that you give Egyptian Magic a try. I don’t know if it’ll do magic for you, but there’s a very good chance it’ll thoroughly hydrate your skin!