Do Men Really Care about Stretch Marks?

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In past articles, we’ve talked about stretch marks in detail – what they are, how and where they appear, what different colors they might have, and indeed, how best to treat them. But one question that has been looming over our heads all this while remains unanswered.

What do Guys Think about Stretch Marks

In general, women tend to be much more concerned with their own appearance than men are, which is why we’re asking this question from a female perspective. Women are continually haranguing themselves over whether or not their boyfriends, husbands, or potential partners will find them attractive despite their scars. Indeed, we go to great pains to cover any so-called imperfection in the search for the perfect female body.

In our efforts to determine the ultimate answer to the above question, we scoured forums, Reddit posts, and other online debates regarding the subject, and we can confidently say, after reading different inputs from dozens of men, that no, men don’t care about your stretch marks.

Naturally, this varies from man to man, but the majority of guys don’t seem to care much about these ‘imperfections’. And although we can’t ascertain guys’ opinion on stretch marks as a definite, we think it’s safe for you to put yourself out there, stretch marks and all.

See, the thing is, women tend to be far more insecure when it comes to looks than men. We worry that baby fat, stretch marks, cellulite, or acne scars will so disgust our partner that he will flee. And we are always surprised to find that they don’t escape. In fact, they don’t seem to much notice all these ‘unattractive’ parts.

Men not paying attention to details has been a source of jokes and teasing for years, but now, it works to our advantage. That’s not to say they don’t notice your stretch marks, just that they don’t make such a big deal out of them as you expect them to.

Many men have claimed that they like their partner’s stretch marks because they make her more real.

Sooo…. Do guys like stretch marks?!

Often, stretch marks are the reminder of a drastic weight change (such as shedding a serious amount of weight), which is an achievement that you should be proud of. This is something most men understand.

Even more often, stretch marks come from the rapid weight gain and subsequent loss that occurs during pregnancy, and in many cases, your stretch marks are a reminder to your partner of the miracle of life that you two have created. Who could find such a thing ugly or unattractive?

A vast majority of men are of the opinion that stretch marks are sexy or that stretch marks are beautiful and report that they care more about the person, rather than such a trivial ‘imperfection’.

And we, as women, should take a page out of that book and learn to love our bodies for what they are. So to sum it up, yes, some guys like and prefer a woman with stretch marks.

Should I try to get rid of my stretch marks then?

It’s all good and well to try to better yourself, to improve your appearance.

It’s hugely important that you, personally, are happy and confident about the way you look because this positively affects your entire lifestyle, from the way you interact with other people to making important decisions.

So, if your stretch marks are making you feel bad or unhappy, then go ahead, buy a stretch mark cream or a concealer to cover stretch marks, or whatever strikes your fancy. But do it for yourself, not for fear that someone else might not like you because of them.

If someone rejects you for your scarred body, it’s their loss. Not yours.

We often tend to work ourselves into a frenzy – applying lotion every ten minutes, obsessively reading up online on different DIY methods to perfect our body, and so on. In truth, this is way more damaging to our relationships than stretch marks will ever be.

First of all, men really ‘dig’ a confident woman, and yes, that includes being satisfied about the way you look. If they see that you are happy with your body and not in a desperate bid to change it, they won’t be either.

Second, if you’re always making a big deal out of your natural, perfectly normal stretch marks, then your significant other might start viewing them as a big issue, too.

One thing you have to remember as you go through life is that there is no such thing as a perfect body. Even the women you’re comparing yourself to have probably been airbrushed, or their own ‘imperfections’ aren’t that obvious. But everyone – both men and women – has something they’re not happy with around their body. And in this technology-driven world, people are far more interested in finding genuine human connection than a stretch-mark-less tummy.

So enjoy yourself! You are beautiful and sexy, stretch marks and all.