Cerave Stretch Mark Cream Review – The Real Deal or just Another Lotion?

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The Cerave Stretch Mark Cream tends to pop up a lot when looking for worthwhile stretch mark treatment options, and even though it seems to have been discontinued at the moment, but is still possible to find through other sellers, which is why we’ve decided to review it.

For more information on other, good stretch mark removal creams, we have an extensive article that gives you 100% honest and unbiased reviews.

First Things First: What’s Inside It?

We’ve always said that to understand a product’s potency best, you should check out the ingredient list, so let’s have a look at some of Cerave’s main ingredients.

  1. Cocoa Butter

    We’ll be honest, we’re big cocoa butter fans, as it’s a natural emollient and feels (and smells!) yummy on the skin. Though the effects of cocoa butter in preventing the appearance of stretch marks have never been scientifically proven, we know that it provides long-lasting hydration for the skin.

    And better-hydrated skin can better accommodate stretching.

  2. Ceramides

    Ceramides are an excellent and often overlooked ingredient in the fight against stretch marks, which means not many creams use them. They’ve been proven to play a role in strengthening the skin’s natural moisture barrier and thus making it more elastic.

    By repairing and restoring the skin’s barrier, ceramides can help protect against the appearance of new marks, as well as fade existing ones.

  3. Hyaluronic Acid

    Hyaluronic Acid is one of our favorite stretch mark solutions – it has been shown to significantly fade the appearance of fresh stretch marks and plump up damaged skin. It helps your body use collagen and binds it with elastin, to make your skin supple and firm.;

    It’s a great option for moisturizing and rebuilding damaged skin.

  4. Argan Oil

    A hugely healing and hydrating oil, argan oil is an excellent natural remedy for a variety of skin issues. A small study found that it improves skin elasticity, which has made it a fast favorite in the treatment and prevention of stretch marks. It boosts the regeneration of skin cells and deeply penetrates the skin.

  5. Panthenol

    Panthenol is a pro-vitamin. This means your body takes it and converts it into a vitamin, which then aids your skin’s natural restorative process.

    It has an impressive ability to thoroughly penetrate the skin and stimulate the regeneration of damaged cells, which is why you’ll often find it in stretch mark products. The same study that found hyaluronic Acid to be effective in the treatment of stretch marks also came up with similar results for panthenol.

What can We Expect from Cerave?

Well, judging by the ingredient list, one can expect an intense moisturizing effect and better moisture retention, so overall, an improvement in the skin’s appearance.

To better determine what this cream can and can’t do, we scoured through all the reviews – good and bad – that we were able to find online, and this is what we found:

The Good:

  • Helped firm up crepey (wrinkly) skin, which means it might also work well on stretch marks;
  • Does not magically vanish after ten minutes, leaving skin just as dry as before (as many lotions do);
  • Free of parabens, phthalates, fragrance, and gluten;
  • Some noted a definite improvement in the appearance of existing/old stretch marks;
  • Smell isn’t too strong (great if you’re pregnant);
  • Doesn’t leave a greasy feeling;
  • Long-lasting moisturizer;
  • Seems to be useful both on fresh (red/purple) stretch marks, as well as older (white-silvery) ones.

The Bad:

  • As with any product, some said it didn’t fade/reduce stretch marks;
  • Might give a mild rash/not be suited for sensitive skin;
  • Some customers found the price a little too high for what the cream actually did;
  • Some say it works better on fresh/red marks, rather than older, faded ones;
  • It’s discontinued, and as such, kinda difficult to find.

Quick Questions on Cerave Cream

  • Are effects long-lasting/permanent?

    Yes, they are. If you’ve managed to fade away existing stretch marks by promoting the growth of new, healthy layers of skin, the ‘bad’ ones can’t come back if you stop using the cream. That being said, moisturizing your skin is nor permanent, by nature. It would be best if you continue to do it to maintain health and elasticity. If you stop, then you run the risk of your skin becoming overly dry and looking worse, of course.

  • Is Cerave Stretch Mark Cream safe for use while pregnant?

    Yes, it’s perfectly safe for use while pregnant or breast-feeding.

  • How long will it take until I see some results?

    Result time varies from person to person, anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. But if you haven’t seen anything within two months, we recommend switching to a different product.

  • Does it work on old stretch marks?

    It should, yes. Thanks to its’ many therapeutic properties and the intense moisturizing effect that it provides, the Cerave SM Cream definitely can help your skin heal itself and fade away old stretch marks.

    Though stretch marks can not be disappeared completely, not if they are in the white-ish phase. At that stage, all a cream can do is significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

  • How often should I use it?

    Use at least twice daily, after coming out of a shower, since that’s when your skin is at its’ most vulnerable and can best absorb such products.

  • How should I apply it?

    Liberally, according to the packaging. We recommend squeezing a small amount (using more as needed) and rubbing it well into the skin – this ensures absorption and stimulates the blood flow, which leads to faster cell regeneration.

  • Tip: Start using as early as possible – the better moisturized your skin is, the less likely to scar.

    Bottom Line: Would we Recommend It?

    If it was in stores still, then yes, we would recommend it. But seeing as the official Cerave website no longer sells it, and neither does Amazon, we are somewhat skeptical about the products you find out there. In essence, they may well be fakes, and they are being sold at a much higher price than should be, so for that, we can’t recommend you buy Cerave Stretch Mark Cream anymore.

    However, we can recommend other products, such as TriLastin Stretch Mark Cream, which has proven excellent, particularly in fading away existing stretch marks. It works on elastin and collagen-boosting formula.

    We also recommend the Earth Mama Belly Butterfor prevention (excellent Shea Butter and Aloe Vera formula). You can read more about these products at the review article recommended at the beginning of this post!