The Botanic Tree Stretch Mark Cream – Is It an Organic Delight for Stretch-Marked Skin!

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The Botanic Tree Stretch Mark Cream sounds, in many ways, like a dream come true. We all know how unpleasant it can be dealing with stretch marks and how great it’d be to find a product that gets rid of them for good – and the Botanic Tree cream promises to do just that. But does it really?

In this detailed, 100% honest review, we take a look at the Botanic Tree Stretch Mark Prevention Cream – what’s in it, how it works and what people say about it, all so that we can give you a fair idea whether or not this is the right product for you.

Botanic Tree Stretch Mark Cream Review

What’s in It?

The ingredient list is, in our opinion, the most crucial aspect to consider when choosing a stretch mark cream. We want ingredients that are natural, healthy, and that stimulates the production of collagen so that our stretch-marked skin can heal.

  • Cocoa Butter

    This vegetable fat not only smells great, but it also has excellent hydrating properties that can help repair your dry and damaged skin. Cocoa Butter, when massaged into the skin, penetrates all the way to the dermis (the middle layer of skin, where stretch marks form) and helps it retain moisture.

    Cocoa Butter is helpful both for softening and fading existing stretch marks, as well as thoroughly hydrating the skin and preventing the apparition of new stretch marks.

  • Centella Asiatica

    This herbal oil is beneficial in stimulating regrowth of damaged cells, as well as encouraging new, healthy cells to grow, which helps remove and repair the stretch-marked tissue.

    It has been proven to lead to considerable improvement in treating stretch marks, thanks to its’ collagen-boosting properties.

  • Shea Butter

    Shea butter has been lauded as a cure for many skin ailments and with good reason. This butter is rich in vitamin A, which in turn stimulates the production of elastin and collagen and gives skin that ‘bouncy’ feel (it’s also excellent in anti-wrinkle products because of this).

    It also has anti-inflammatory and even healing properties, which help treat with fresh stretch marks (since these are, basically, wounds).

  • Vitamin E

    Applying vitamin E to the skin stimulates cell regeneration, as well as the growth of new cells and the creation of new, healthy tissue. For this reason, it is an excellent remedy for existing stretch marks – as new layers emerge, the old, damaged ones begin to fade and disappear.

    The hydrating vitamin E is also great for strengthening the skin and improving moisture retention, which helps prevent new stretch marks from appearing.

  • Moringa Oil

    Moringa Oil is another natural ingredient for preventing stretch marks, as it can penetrate the skin thoroughly and strengthen it, helping it stretch without getting stretch marks. It’s also a powerful antiseptic and possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which make it useful in treating fresh (reddish) stretch marks.

    Moringa Oil is rich in cytokinins and zeatin, plant hormones that stimulate cell growth and nourish existing skin tissue, making it a favorite both in anti-aging products, as well as stretch mark creams.

Botanic Tree Stretch Mark Cream - Before & After
Anti Stretch Mark, Scars And Prevention Cream
by Botanic Tree

Organic Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Moringa, Olive Oil, Vitamin B5, Centella Asiatica

Does the Botanic Tree Stretch Mark Cream Work?

Judging by its’ ingredients, it really should, but sometimes, that’s not enough to go on, so we scoured through dozens and dozens of reviews – both good and not so good – to establish a definite answer.

Here’s what we found:


  • Great ingredient list (aside from the ones above, it also contains Vitamin B5, Sunflower, Avocado, and Olive Oil!);
  • Free of parabens – you want to make sure you don’t expose your skin to any harmful chemicals;
  • Has a fresh, tropical scent, not too strong (great for pregnancy smell sensitivity);
  • Is deeply hydrating for the skin;
  • Helps prevent new stretch marks, as well as treat existing ones (especially newer ones – generally red, pink, brown, etc.).


  • Not an excellent value for money – the bottle is relatively small;
  • Being a lotion (as opposed to a body butter), it gets used up quite fast;
  • Also unlike a body butter, it has a thin consistency, which might not feel as hydrating or coat the skin for quite as long as you might expect;
  • Not well suited for sensitive skin, as some people noted an unpleasant rash.

Overall, these findings weren’t too bad, and the $20 price doesn’t seem too expensive, though, of course, that varies from person to person. We
were pretty impressed with the fact that even the naysayers admitted that it did hydrate their skin and help fade their stretch marks to an extent.

We were also pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming number of Before&After pics on Amazon, the ingredient list, of course, as well as the fact that it boasts of being able to both prevent and treat stretch marks and, judging by its’ reviews, seems to be telling the truth on that one.

So, our verdict is yes, the Botanic Tree Simply Organic Stretch Mark Removal (and Prevention) Cream does seem to work well both to fade away existing marks, as well as prevent new ones.

Great, But Does It Work on Old Stretch Marks?

As a matter of fact, it does. Many reviews note using it on old stretch marks (we’re talking years here) and seeing a definite improvement. Looking over the ingredient list, we have no trouble believing them.

Old (white) stretch marks are, as a rule, harder to treat – it’s more a matter of fading them away, then disappearing them all together, but by stimulating a constant production of collagen (together with frequent exfoliation), it is possible to fade your marks significantly. And the Botanic Tree Stretch Mark Cream has all the ingredients for stimulating that collagen!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How long does it take to see results?

    It should take about two months or so for you to see results (both according to Botanic Tree, as well as reviewers).

  2. Are the results permanent?

    If you’re using it for prevention, then, of course, they are permanent, provided that you use the cream consistently throughout your pregnancy or weight changing period. As for treatment, yes, although allowing the skin to dehydrate and become overly-dry may lead to your stretch marks appearing worse again, but as long as you keep the skin hydrated, that shouldn’t be a problem.

  3. How should I apply the cream?

    Simply squeeze out a small amount and rub it in small circular motions into the skin, giving yourself a gentle massage as you go, and also stimulating the blood flow.

    Make sure to massage for a bit to ensure it absorbs properly.

  4. When should I apply it? And how often?

    You should apply the cream twice daily, after a shower, when the pores are more receptive.

  5. When should I begin using it?

    As a rule, it’s best to begin moisturizing as early as possible. If you’re using this to prevent stretch marks (say, during pregnancy), we recommend using it as soon as you learn your skin will undergo a massive weight change – at the beginning of the pregnancy or before starting a drastic bodybuilding program, for example.

  6. Is it safe for use during pregnancy?

    Yes, the Botanic Tree Stretch Mark Cream is 100% safe for use both during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Other Stretch Mark Products by Botanic Tree

  • Belly Butter Stretch Mark Cream

    This belly butter is excellent for those of you craving a heavier, thicker product. It has many of the same great ingredients that their lotion does, but with a better consistency that leaves your skin feeling hydrated for a little longer. Like the lotion, the Body Butter is efficient both in treating and preventing stretch marks.

    While some prefer this feeling to the regular, lotion one, others can’t stand it, so basically, to each his own.

  • Reduxcell Anti Stretch Marks Massage Oil

    The oil can be used in conjunction with the lotion or butter or on its’ own. It’s a 100% natural product and boasts many ingredients, such as Beta Carotene (powerful anti-oxidant), Matricaria (healing and astringent properties), and Vitamin E, compounded by the ultra-hydrating Sweet Almond and Sunflower Oils.

    Using the oil can provide a long-lasting nourishment to the skin, as well as strengthen the skin’s natural protective layer.

  • Eyes Moisturizer Cream Drench

    This Shea Butter, Jojoba and Vitamin E face cream is great to use in combination with any of the above products. It has a lighter texture than body lotions or butters, and so doesn’t clog the pores. And hey, the face needs moisturizing too!

    At the time of this writing, Amazon has a Special Offer, where you get both the Eye Cream and the Stretch Mark Cream for the same price!

Final Words on Botanic Tree Stretch Mark Cream

Having examined many stretch mark creams, we think that Botanic Tree is one of the better options out there. Particularly great for use during a second or third pregnancy, as it can take care of old stretch marks, while also working to prevent new ones from popping up.

We whole-heartedly recommend trying the Botanic Tree products.

However, if you still feel these are not for you, we suggest taking a look at other similar products, such as TriLastin (great for treating existing marks) or Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula (an excellent budget option).

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