Does Body Merry Stretch Marks Cream Work?

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In today’s article, we’re going on a quest to establish once and for all the efficacy of using the Body Merry Stretch Mark Creams to, you guessed it, get rid of those pesky tiger stripes. I’ll be examining everything from what this famed stretch marks remedy contains, how it works, and what people are saying about it to give you as complete an overview as possible. So buckle up and let’s go.

How Does Body Merry Stretch Marks Cream Work?

Well, it won the 2018 theBump Awards for Best Baby products, so it must do something right. Put simply, the Body Merry Stretch Marks Cream is an all-natural product that aims to rehydrate damaged and overly-dry skin, in order to improve its appearance. It’s said to work well on stretch marks, as well as scars and burn marks.

But why?

Through the use of natural oils and extracts, all beneficial for your skin’s health, the Body Merry Cream revitalizes your skin. It encourages the production of new, healthy skin cells that can then replace the old, damaged ones (the ones making your stretch marks appear less than appealing). This way, the Body Merry cream isn’t so much a healer as it is a replacer. By stimulating the production of new healthy skin, it leads to considerable fading, in time, and much better-looking skin overall.

What Makes Body Merry Stretch Marks Cream Potent?

It’s never a good idea to take the manufacturer at their word, simply because it’s a conflict of interest. So instead of settling for Body Merry’s (convincing) claims, I decided to dig a little deeper and figure out the science behind their product – what are the ingredients that make the Body Merry Cream fade your stretch marks and improve your skin?

Well, one finding that struck me as impressive right off the bat was that aside from the presence of the unpleasant Phenoxyethanol (which, in all fairness, is present in the large majority of skincare products on the market today), the Body Merry Stretch Marks Cream boasts an incredible amount of healthy, natural extracts and ingredients, like…

Aloe Vera

Choc-full of antioxidants and healthy, revitalizing vitamins (like C and E), Aloe Vera is an old and much-loved skincare ingredient, used especially to treat various skin ailments, among which acne, burns, and indeed, stretch marks. With a potent anti-inflammatory effect, Aloe Vera soothes the damaged skin and protects the wound, all the while gently hydrating it.


Also commonly known as B5 Vitamin, panthenol is a hugely popular skincare option because, like Aloe, it acts both as a powerful moisturizer and overall protector of damaged skin. It is used to protect and heal scars, wounds, tattoos, and it can also be highly efficient for stretch marks. Panthenol speeds up wound healing and reduces the skin’s redness, which is why it can be a great idea for fresh (red and itchy) stretch marks.

Cocoa Butter

I’ve long since lost track of all the excellent stretch mark products that enlist the help of cocoa butter. Why is this ingredient so potent? Well, cocoa butter is an excellent moisturizer, one that’s both natural and long-lasting, meaning it won’t vanish off your skin in 15 minutes, as is the case with many commercial lotions. Some also believe that cocoa butter, being rich in various plant chemicals, can improve blood circulation, which in turn speeds up the skin regeneration rate.


More commonly known as Vitamin B3, niacinamide is a popular ingredient thanks to its keratin-boosting properties. Keratin is what your skin and hair are made from, and obviously, by boosting and strengthening its production, niacinamide also leads to healthier, stronger skin and hair.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is widely known as a humectant, meaning that it’s responsible for sealing the moisture barrier on your skin. It is also a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the skin. It encourages collagen production (which in turn makes your skin elastic and stretchy, and thus less likely to develop stretch marks).

Vitamin C

Speaking of antioxidants and why they’re so good for your stretch marks, I can’t now mention the Vitamin C in this cream. Vitamin C also supports collagen and elastin production while also cleansing your skin and protecting it from infection.

The list goes on and on and on. The Body Merry Stretch Marks Cream also comes equipped with all the potent benefits of:

… and many others. Now, for the sake of brevity, I won’t go through each one, but I will tell you this: almost every one of the (dozens of) ingredients in the Body Merry Cream are extracted from nature and either protect your skin or hydrate it, or often do both. So the ingredient list alone is enough to support the company’s claims that the Body Merry Stretch Marks Cream can and will lead you to better, healthier skin.

Can Body Merry Cream Help with Stretch Marks?

After reading the impressive ingredient list, I have to say that the Body Merry Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream can hydrate and replenish damaged skin, making it a good treatment if you are already dealing with stretch marks, even old, white, or silvery ones. Likewise, the hydrating ingredients set it up as a great prevention method because the more hydrated and elastic the skin is, the more it can handle the rapid weight changes that create stretch marks.

But What Is Everyone Saying?

Of course, it’s not enough to read through the ingredient list. You also need to check up on the reviews -who better to tell us what Body Merry can and can’t do than the people who are using it right now?

Below are my findings, having scoured dozens of honest, real customer reviews.


  • Dramatic fading (of red skin/marks);
  • Improved skin texture;
  • Doesn’t transfer to clothes or soil them;
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and supple;
  • Super-hydrating, and that makes it a great prevention method.


  • Has a strong smell that some people couldn’t stand;
  • Takes time to work (but that’s true about most skincare products);
  • Might lead to a mild rash if you have sensitive skin.

All in all, the great reviews for the Body Merry Stretch Marks Cream simply poured in, with several people posting encouraging Before&After photos that showed an improvement. Judging by the thousands of satisfied customer reviews, I can safely deduce that the Body Merry Cream is a good fit for people dealing with stretch marks.

The Body Merry Stretch Marks Cream FAQ

Below, I’ll be answering all the common, frequently asked questions regarding this cream, usage, and pretty much everything else you might want to know.

  • So when should I start using the Body Merry Cream to prevent stretch marks?

Well, obviously, the sooner you begin, the better. If you know you’ll undergo a massive weight change (e.g., pregnancy, intense bodybuilding, or dieting), it might be a good idea to start hydrating your skin right now to help your skin adapt to the intense stretching. It’s never too early to have moisturized skin!

  • How should I use the Body Merry Stretch Marks Cream?

The manufacturer suggests that you gently massage a little cream into the affected area (ideally after a hot, pore-opening shower) twice a day, in the morning and at night. While the cream won’t dirty up your clothes, it might be a good idea to give it a moment to sink into the skin before getting dressed not to wipe it away.

  • Can it cause any adverse reactions?

A very small number of people got a rash or a dab of acne from using the Body Merry cream. Obviously, this depends on your skin type, but I’d suggest discontinuing use if the problem persists.

  • Are there any other Body Merry products I should be using?

Yes, there are! You can (and should) combine the cream with the Body Merry Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Oil that also boasts the moisturizing powers of Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, and a few others. Fully organic, it is an intense moisturizer and will linger on the skin for longer.

  • Is it safe to use the Body Merry Cream during pregnancy?

No, it is not. The presence of Phenoxyethanol makes it a health hazard for expecting mothers and infants. Absorbed through the skin, Phenoxyethanol can lead to reproductive damage for you and also problems for the development of your fetus, so I would recommend using this with caution while pregnant, if at all. On the other hand, you can use the Stretch Marks Oil with no fear even while pregnant and nursing!

Bottom Line – Should You Use the Body Merry Cream?

Regardless of what caused your stretch marks, I feel that the Body Merry Stretch Marks Cream is an apt method of fading away the damage and restoring your skin to its erstwhile health and appearance. Be careful when using while pregnant, but other than that, go to town! I think Body Merry might be a great addition to your skincare routine, especially if you struggle with extra dry skin!