The Best Microdermabrasion Machines for At-Home Use (2020 Review

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Hello, and welcome to our in-depth, unbiased review of the best microdermabrasion machines for at-home use! We’ve talked in the past about how effective microdermabrasion treatments can be in fading and removing stretch marks, regardless of their location on the body.

Microdermabrasion is a cosmetical process in which the skin is sprayed with a crystal-based substance that works to slough away the most superficial layers of skin. This helps resurface newer, healthier cells, which improves the appearance of your skin in general (as well as make scars and lesions appear less significant).

This can be done either professionally, at a dermatologist’s office, or at-home using a specially-designed machine.

If you are new to microdermabrasion kits, you can check out our buyers guide below, before we turn our attention to reviewing the best at-home microdermabrasion machines out there.

Note: For ease of communication, we refer to all the microdermabrasion products collectively as “machines”. There are, in fact, two types: portable and non-portable. Please bear this in mind when reading the following reviews.

Table of Contents

Comparison of Professional At-home Microdermabrasion Devices

Product What We Like Tips Mode/Strength Level Best For… Details
Kendal HB-SF02
  • Different sized tips
  • Suction
  • Good for Stretch Marks
  • Professional
9 (sizes from Small to Large) 2 Best for Professional Use
Kendal HB-SF01
  • Multiple, reusable tips
  • Easier to carry
  • Excellent both for personal and professional use
9 (from Small to Large) 2
Vacuum Microdermabrasion by New Spa
  • Stainless steel, replaceable heads
  • Gentle
  • Professional
9 – different sizes Unclear, suction seems weak
Microderm GLO
  • LED Screen
  • Exfoliating
  • Firming
  • Lightweight
1 3
  • Good price
  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • Lessens depth of Stretch Marks
9 (different sizes) Best for Budget
Trophy Skin MD
  • Great reviews
  • LED Screen
  • Customer Service
  • Soft &Clean Results
1, but also has Pore Extraction and Pore Infusion tips. You can buy more 3 Best for Splurge
NuBrilliance MD
  • Soft, smooth skin
  • Helps dryness
  • “At-home spa”
3 5
Kendal 3-in-1
  • Different sized tips
  • Good price
  • Professional
  • Easy to use
9, of various sizes 9-10 Best for First-Timers

Microdermabrasion Machine Reviews (Heavy, Non-Portable)

We’ll first talk about the heavier, bigger machines that can’t very easily be taken with you on a trip.

1. Kendal Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine HB-SF02

Best for Professional Use

Kendal is one of the most reputable brands out there, so with this product, you can have peace of mind knowing it comes from a trustworthy brand.


  • Plenty of video tutorials available;
  • Comes with 9 different sized diamond tips and 240 cotton filters;
  • Great suction power;
  • Reportedly effective for stretch marks;
  • Also efficient in extracting blackheads and tightening pores;
  • Very decent price;
  • Improves the health of your skin over time.


  • Not as easy to use as we’d like. Instructions not very clear;
  • Several customers report receiving used machines from Amazon, also with missing parts;
  • Very heavy – not for those who wish to travel with it;
  • Diamond tips a bit difficult to clean;
  • Strangely enough, some say it has poor suction.

While the Kendal microderm machine has lots of rave reviews, it also has a notable amount of really bad ones (too many to overlook). However, we’re fairly confident that a lot of the frustration in these reviews comes from the machine’s relative difficulty of use.

I would not recommend if you’re a first-timer or a travel-lover, but would definitely recommend if you’re a professional, looking to offer Microderm as part of your services.

Tip: Use gentle, sweeping motions over the skin. Don’t linger over any one spot for too long – this might lead to irritation and skin sensitivity!
Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine HB-SF02 by Kendal
Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine HB-SF02
by Kendal

2. Kendal Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine HB-SF01

Very similar to the HB-SF02, the only real difference between the two is that the HB-SF02 has a metal casing, while the HB-SF01 has a much lighter, plastic casing. This makes it easier to carry around, but mostly, they’re the same product.


  • Comes with 9 reusable diamond tips of various sizes and 360 cotton filters;
  • Like the previous model, the unit is crystal-free (so there’s no risk of ingesting them by accident);
  • Easy to use and clean diamond tips;
  • Smooths and makes stretch marks less noticeable;
  • Powerful suction (can be gentle, depending on the setting);
  • Easy to carry.


  • Like with the previous machine, several reviewers complain of missing parts and bad customer service;
  • Though smaller and lighter than the HB-SF02, it’s still quite cumbersome to log around (it is, after all, 9 lbs);
  • Tiny diamond tips (keep away from kids and wash carefully, so as not to lose them!);
  • Tips get used rather quickly;
  • Some came without a manual – some found instructions challenging to follow.

Overall, we’d recommend you don’t let the bad reviews put you off. Many more excellent reviews simply swear by this machine. It seems a highly efficient machine that effectively resurfaces healthy skin and improves appearance.

Tip: Always remember to clean your skin before doing microderm!
Kendal Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine HB-SF01
Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine HB-SF01
by Kendal

3. Vacuum Microdermabrasion Portable Machine by NEW SPA Diamond Dermabrasion Machines

Though not as popular as the Kendal products, the New Spa home kit offers many similar features at roughly the same price.


  • 9 stainless steel, reusable tips of different sizes;
  • Also can be used as a massage tool (great for stimulating the blood flow and boosting the skin’s healing process);
  • It’s a gentle machine that doesn’t dry out your skin;
  • Money-back guarantee;
  • Easy to use;
  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines.


  • Relatively few reviews;
  • Spare heads for the microderm wand are a bit difficult to find;
  • Weak suction;
  • Compact, but quite heavy.

Honestly, we’re a bit miffed by the lack of reviews, as this seems to be an overall good product. One thing that does worry us, however, is the poor suction, which might make it less than ideal for stretch mark treatments.

But we do recommend giving it a try if you’re looking for a more general, refining use (and not to actually get rid of any scars).

Vacuum Microdermabrasion Portable Machine
by NEW SPA Diamond Dermabrasion Machines

4. Microderm GLO Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine and Suction Tool

Microderm Glo is another reputable brand in the professional microdermabrasion machines game. With hundreds of satisfied customers, this lightweight machine is one of the better options out there.


  • LED Display that makes it easier to use;
  • Very simple display;
  • Lightweight, easy to carry around;
  • Treatment only takes 4 minutes;
  • Can absorb skincare products, topical creams, etc. and thus work more efficiently;
  • Both manual and auto settings;
  • Firms up saggy skin;
  • Great exfoliator;
  • Also suitable for pimples (great for that pregnancy acne, eh?);
  • 3 suction settings.


  • Multiple customers complained about the instructions not being in English;
  • Seems to have poor suction;
  • Only comes with one diamond tip;
  • Some had trouble with the charging station.

At first, we were swayed by the hundreds of excellent reviews. Right now, we’re kinda ambivalent. We don’t like that it only has one tip. This might make it difficult to use on different body parts where you have stretch marks.

However, since the good seems to outweigh the bad, we’re willing to give this a passing grade. But we don’t think it’s the right choice for treating stretch marks on your body.

Tip: Keep the diamond tip of the Microderm Glo level with the skin and use it in short strokes.
Microderm GLO Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine and Suction Tool
Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine and Suction Tool
by Microderm GLO

5. ZENY Pro Diamond Dermabrasion Microdermabrasion

Best for Budget

Unlike other similar machines, the ZENY Pro is specifically designed for at-home use (doesn’t double as a professional unit). That being said, lots of people have very nice things to say about it.


  • They’re very honest – they tell you it’s not as strong as at the spa;
  • Excellent price;
  • Doesn’t use crystals;
  • Comes with 3 separate wands;
  • 9 diamond tips of different sizes;
  • Reduce the depth of stretch marks;
  • Simple and easy to use machine;
  • Portable, lightweight (7.4 lbs);
  • 1 Year Warranty.


  • No instruction manual;
  • Less suction than other similar products (only goes up to 68cmHg);
  • Simple, but a bit primitive display.

Given that most of the bad reviews relate to the weaker suction power, we’re quite confident in recommending this, especially for at-home use. Some noted it works on stretch marks, so there is that, and besides, you get more or less the same deal as with the above products at half the price.

Tip: Since the suction is weaker, you can use this more often. Try using it 4-5 times a week, if possible. By using it more frequently, you’ll be able to rival the results of higher-powered machines
ZENY Pro Diamond Dermabrasion Microdermabrasion
Pro Diamond Dermabrasion Microdermabrasion

6. Trophy Skin MicrodermMD at Home Microdermabrasion Machine

Best for Splurge

Though pricier than other models, the Trophy Skin MicrodermMD comes with some high praises that might just make it all worthwhile.


  • Has three settings – manual, auto and sensitive;
  • LED, easy to use display;
  • Magnifying mirror on the machine;
  • Excellent at unclogging pores (has a special tip for that) and removing blackheads;
  • 60 day return policy;
  • Good Customer Service;
  • “As good as a spa treatment”, some say;
  • Fills fine lines (worth knowing for SM);
  • Leaves skin baby soft.


  • Only has one diamond tip (to be fair, several reviews say it’s quite sturdy, but still);
  • Quite expensive;
  • No noted effect on SMs.

While the negative reviews weren’t worse than any other machine’s, it is a major minus that this particular one is about $100 more expensive than those. Another thing we don’t like is that for the high amount of money, it comes with only one diamond head and asks that you purchase more separately.

They do have a tip specially designed for larger body areas (again, separately), so for that reason, as well as the many excellent reviews and attributes, we’d recommend this if money isn’t an issue.

Trophy Skin MicrodermMD at Home Microdermabrasion Machine
MicrodermMD at Home Microdermabrasion Machine
by Trophy Skin

7. NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion Skin Care System

Looking through reviews, comments, and online forums, we have to say the NuBrilliance System comes with mixed recommendations. Some seem quite happy with it, praising it for being similar to a spa treatment, while others have quite a few complaints about it.


  • Leaves skin soft;
  • Relatively compact – easy to travel;
  • Several instructional videos online;
  • Strong suction;
  • Smoother skin;
  • Simple display;
  • Helps with dry skin (also with scaly legs – so added bonus, I guess);
  • “At-home Spa”.


  • Loses suction after a time;
  • Only 30 days to get your money back – it’s pretty tricky to reach a verdict in such short a time;
  • Quite pricey;
  • Only comes with 3 diamond tips, and those need to be changed every 10 uses or so.

We wanted to like this product, but in the end, it simply didn’t hold water. Maybe if it had been half the price, we would be giving it a better review, but as such, we do think you can find better MD machines for the price.

Tip: Several customers say it takes at least 5-6 uses to see a difference with this. So, if you don’t see any after the first few uses, don’t give up on it!
NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion Skin Care System
Microdermabrasion Skin Care System
by NuBrilliance

8. Kendal 3 in 1 Diamond Microdermabrasion Dermabrasion Machine

Best for First-Timers

We’re ending our series of “bigger’ microdermabrasion systems as we started, with a Kendal. This has the benefit of the company’s reputation, but it quite a bit cheaper than the other 2 products.


  • 9 different sized diamond tips;
  • Easy to use;
  • Great price;
  • High-quality product;
  • Professional;
  • Good suction;
  • Can be used both personally and professionally;
  • Also helps erase dark spots (handy if you’re suffering from melasma);
  • Quick to use.


  • Once again, some people found the suction to be a bit poor;
  • Some complained about the quality of the unit;
  • The machine itself is not too modern, a bit basic in appearance.

We hear all those ‘no suction’ complaints, which is why we’re only recommending this for first-timers, that is, people who aren’t familiar with the microderm process.

As a machine to “show you the ropes’ and get you into the whole microdermabrasion game, this is an excellent (and very well-priced) option.

Tip: The 3-in-1 (as well as the other Kendal products) has a step-by-step user’s guide with pictures on Amazon, so make sure you check that out when setting up the machine.
Kendal 3 in 1 Diamond Microdermabrasion Dermabrasion Machine
3 in 1 Diamond Microdermabrasion Dermabrasion Machine
by Kendal

Comparison of Handheld Portable Microdermabrasion Systems

Product What We Like Tips Mode/Strength Level Best For… Details
PMD Personal MD
  • Two tips
  • Effective on stretch marks
  • Small pores
2 8
Neutrogena MD Kit
  • Glowing skin
  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
DermaBraze Pro Diamond MD
  • Good quality
  • Free of crystals
  • Removes impurities
3 4
Kelley West MD360
  • Price
  • Effective
  • Good suction
  • Great reviews
2 2 Best Price for Handheld
Genuine Comedo Suction by Krasr
  • Price
  • Reviews
  • Suction
  • 70% faded stretch marks
4 5 Best Quality
Trophy Skin RejuvadermMD
  • Great reviews
  • Easy to use
  • Strong suction
  • Body tip
4 4
NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion System
  • Suction power
  • Helps dry skin
  • Removes dead cells
Microderm GLO Mini
  • Removes gunk
  • Compact size
  • Smooth skin
2 2 Best for Travel
Silk’n Revit Microderm
  • Good for stretch marks
  • Unclogs pores
  • Painless

Best Handheld Microdermabrasion Devices

And now onto our reviews for microdermabrasion handheld devices. Most of these will be cheaper and preferable if you’re looking for a lighter device you can travel with.

1. PMD Personal Microderm Classic

A pretty cool aspect of the PMD Personal Microderm is that it comes in a variety of options (Classic, Pro, etc.) that allow for different features so that you can get the one best suited to your needs.


  • Has a 2-year warranty;
  • Comes with two tips – one for face one for body;
  • Said to work in as little as 3 mins, so time-effective;
  • Demonstrated improvement on stretch marks;
  • Allows your skin to breathe;
  • Pores got smaller;
  • Leaves it smoother and softer;


  • Seems to lose suction after a few months;
  • Some found it abrasive;
  • A bit expensive.

Obviously, it’s great that it helped stretch marks specifically, but we’re not crazy about it losing suction. But overall, the PMD seems like a pretty good product that might get the job done.

Tip: Don’t go back over the skin you’ve already done!
PMD Personal Microderm Classic
Personal Microderm Classic
by PMD Beauty

2. Neutrogena Microdermabrasion Starter Kit

Neutrogena is one of the most reputable brands out there when it comes to skin care and aging, so this at-home microderm kit has a good reputation behind it.


  • Amazing price;
  • Comes with a month’s worth of puffs (12, at 3 per week);
  • Stimulates blood flow;
  • Leaves skin glowing and soft.


  • A significant issue is that the substance of the puffs includes SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) – this is a dangerous chemical that should not be in skincare products. It works to break up the skin and when used repeatedly can severely burn;
  • Crystal-based MD, crystals that can be ingested or inhaled;
  • Several people complained it’s more like exfoliation, not an actual microderm.

We wanted to like this, mainly because Neutrogena is a good brand. Still, given the overwhelming amount of reviews who say it irritated/hurt their skin and that the chemical substance is corrosive, we simply cannot recommend it.

Tip: If you do decide to use, do not press down firmly. Otherwise you risk seriously scraping your skin.
Neutrogena Microdermabrasion Starter Kit
Microdermabrasion Starter Kit
by Neutrogena

3. Pro Diamond Microdermabrasion Handheld DermaBraze MD system

The DermaBraze Pro Diamond seems to have people in two minds, some saying it’s great, while others were saying it’s horrible.


  • Good for at-home use;
  • Sturdy, good quality;
  • Crystal-free technology;
  • Removes build-up and gunk;
  • Smooths out lines (useful for SM);
  • Good, strong suction.


  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee might not be enough time to decide;
  • Several had trouble charging it;
  • The diamonds on the tips seem to fall off;
  • Difficult to clean.

We couldn’t find a reason not to recommend it. Some people say it charges fine, even after months of use. Of course, it varies from person to person, but we think DermaBraze is a good quality product.

Tip: Always moisturize after doing a microderm, to nurture the new skin
Pro Diamond Microdermabrasion Handheld DermaBraze MD system
Pro Diamond Microdermabrasion Handheld DermaBraze MD system
by Bright Therapy

4. Kelley West Microderm360 Spa Grade Personal Diamond Microdermabrasion Kit

Best Price for Handheld

The Kelley West Microderm360 is not only super budget-friendly, but it also comes with some pretty glowing reviews.


  • Efficiently removes dead skin cells;
  • Great price;
  • Amazing Suction;
  • Reduces pores by a lot;
  • No pain and no downtime afterward;
  • Soft skin, spa-like quality.


  • Suction a bit strong, esp. for sensitive skin;
  • For some, it stopped working after a while.

Though this doesn’t seem to be appropriate for sensitive skin, have to admit we were quite impressed with the Kelley West MD Kit. We like that you can buy different tips separately, and honestly, most of the reviews are glowing.

For that and its’ excellent price, we would most definitely recommend it.

Tip: Begin by using on the lowest power setting possible and work your way up from there
Kelley West Microderm360 Spa Grade Personal Diamond Microdermabrasion Kit
Microderm360 Spa Grade Personal Diamond Microdermabrasion Kit
by Kelley West

5. Genuine Comedo Suction Microdermabrasion by KRASR

Best Quality

We are in sheer awe at the number of great reviews this product has. It indeed seems we’ve hit at-home microderm jackpot.


  • Reduces the appearance of stretch marks (fades them by about 70%);
  • You can see the dead skin piled up on the tip (we know it sounds gross, but hey, you want a product that gets the job done, yeah?);
  • Rechargeable battery;
  • LED Screen;
  • Good Customer Service;
  • Stimulates blood flow;
  • Great price;
  • Strong suction (depending on level);
  • Great for acne, as well.


  • Some packs were missing tips;
  • Others say it bruised/scratched their skin;

Though there are some bad reviews, the main issue seems to be the missing parts, which they will replace for you if you contact them, so that doesn’t hold water.

Other than that, this product is easy to use and easy to carry with you. It’s excellently priced and does seem to work on stretch marks – what’s there not to like?

Tip: Use a steamer before you apply any at-home microderm. Alternatively, you can keep your face above a pot of hot water. This opens pores and allows for an improved effect.
Genuine Comedo Suction Microdermabrasion by Krasr
Genuine Comedo Suction Microdermabrasion

6. Trophy Skin RejuvadermMD at Home Handheld Microdermabrasion Machine


  • 60-day money-back guarantee;
  • 4 separate diamond tips, including one for the body;
  • Thoroughly sucks out dead skin, which you can see in the filter;
  • Comes with 50 spare filters;
  • Easy to use;
  • Strong suction;
  • Experience on par with spa.


  • Quite expensive;
  • Some say it stopped working after 4-5 uses;
  • Some people hurt themselves using it.

Although it’s not a cheap product, we think the Trophy Skin is a worthy investment, on par with its’ heavier alternative reviewed above.

Make sure you use it gently, so as not to injure yourself. Don’t press too hard and use in the lowest setting until your skin gets used to it. That being said, if money isn’t an issue, then it should make for a great product!

Tip: Try using the handheld device in upward motions to prevent saggy skin!
Trophy Skin RejuvadermMD at Home Handheld Microdermabrasion Machine
RejuvadermMD at Home Handheld Microdermabrasion Machine
by Trophy Skin

7. NuBrilliance Handheld Diamond Microdermabrasion and Pore Cleansing System

Once again, NuBrilliance manages to gather a mixed array of reviews.


  • 3 Tips, one of which is designed for sensitive areas, which can be great for stretch-marked skin;
  • Impressive suction power;
  • Helps with dryness;
  • Lightweight, easy to travel with;
  • Also suitable for dark spots.


  • Apparently, the replacement tips don’t fit on to it;
  • Fairly expensive;
  • Stopped working for some.

We were a bit disappointed that the bad reviews outweighed the good. Though we feel that this product is getting an unfairly bad rap, we do think that for that amount of cash, you could buy something better.

We’re not recommending it, but we’re not wholeheartedly recommending it, either.

NuBrilliance Handheld Diamond Microdermabrasion and Pore Cleansing System
Handheld Diamond Microdermabrasion and Pore Cleansing System
by NuBrilliance

8. Microderm GLO MINI Diamond Microdermabrasion and Suction Tool

Best for Travel

The Microderm GLO Mini comes with great reviews and a nice little bundle (though we do wish it included a diamond tip for the body!).


  • Removes gunk;
  • Good suction/power setting;
  • Small, perfect for travel;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Smooths skin;
  • Good quality materials;
  • Also useful on dark spots;
  • Fills fine lines.


  • Some say it died after a few uses;
  • For some, it did not have enough suction;
  • Replacement heads are a bit expensive.

Despite the negative reviews, we were quite swayed by all the good stuff we heard. Besides, we do believe that a lot of people who complain about a product scratching them just didn’t use it properly.

Overall, we think the GLO Mini is a great option for those of you who travel a lot!

Microderm GLO MINI Diamond Microdermabrasion and Suction Tool
MINI Diamond Microdermabrasion and Suction Tool
by Microderm GLO

9. Silk’n Revit – Blackhead Remover Vacuum – Microdermabrasion Machine

Though the Silk’n Revit is pricier than other handheld options, it also comes on with pretty great reviews.


  • “Amazing for stretch marks”;
  • Easy to use;
  • Painless;
  • Removes dead cells, gunk and cleans pores (you can see it on the filter);
  • Good for exfoliation;
  • Reasonable price.


  • the cord limits your ability to move;
  • Some say it has bad suction;
  • Some people got a cracked product or one missing equipment.

We’re excited that someone used it on stretch marks and saw significant improvement (both in reducing the size and in fading). This is why we’re recommending this one as well!

Silk’n Revit - Blackhead Remover Vacuum -Microdermabrasion Machine
ReVit Microdermabrasion Device
by Microderm GLO

At-Home Microderm: A general guide

Before you use any product, make sure you’ve cleaned your face and removed all make-up. After this, do a steam (either with a pot or steamer) for 10-15 minutes to open up the pores. Once that is done, gently pat the skin to get rid of any dampness and use the microderm as per instructions.

Don’t forget to apply a moisturizer afterward!

Our Picks

Best for Professional Use: Kendal Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine HB-SF02

Best for Budget: ZENY Pro Diamond Dermabrasion Microdermabrasion

Best for Splurge: Trophy Skin MicrodermMD at Home Microdermabrasion Machine

Best for First-Timers: Kendal 3 in 1 Diamond Microdermabrasion Dermabrasion Machine

Best Price for Handheld: Kelley West Microderm360 Spa Grade Personal Diamond Microdermabrasion Kit

Best Quality: Genuine Comedo Suction by Krasr

Best for Travel: Microderm GLO MINI Diamond Microdermabrasion and Suction Tool

Obviously, no product is great for everybody, but we tried to pick those products that worked well for as many people as possible. The above were our favorites, but we recommend all products on the list unless otherwise specified.

What should I Look for When Shopping for a Microdermabrasion Home Kit?

A microdermabrasion system is a notable investment for two reasons. First of all, they’re usually quite costly (though a far cry from what you’d be paying for a professional procedure). Second of all, you’re going to put this on your face and expose your sensitive skin to it, so we want to make sure you get a worthwhile product.

Must-Have #1: How Easy to Use It?

Ease of use is a matter that worries most at-home newbies. They’re afraid it’s some big, complicated beast of a machine.

We encourage you to look for a machine that has easy-to-follow instructions. Look at pictures of the machines online – does it seem clear what every button is for, or do you get a headache just by looking at it?

Ideally, look up video tutorials online – visual aid makes using most machines these days a breeze!

Must-Have #2: What’s the Suction Power Like?

A microdermabrasion at-home machine will require good suction power because that’s what it’s supposed to do – suck away the impurities and dead cells.

Some of our favorite products offer different intensities for different body parts (or face parts, since microdermabrasion is most commonly done on the face).

Must-Have #3: Diamonds are A Girl’s Best Friend!

Diamond tips, in our case. A diamond tip is the pointy end of the microdermabrasion wand that you apply to the skin.

Look for a kit that has multiple diamond tips. You’ll want a larger tip to use on a bigger area, like on the belly or the thighs, whereas you’ll require a smaller, more precise tip to use on the face.

Another benefit of diamonds, as opposed to crystal-powered microdermabrasion machines, is that they’re often reusable. Whereas crystals tend to be complicated and messy to use, diamond tips are much more user-friendly.

Must-Have #4: LED Display

Okay, not technically a must-have, but highly recommended, especially if you’re new to this process. A modern LED display will guide you through what you have to do and make the whole experience easier and more pleasant.

Must-Have #5: Weigh’ em up!

This depends chiefly on what you’re going to do with the kit. If you’re someone who travels a lot, either for business or for pleasure, then chances are you’ll want to take your microdermabrasion system with you.

But as you know, there’s only so much space in your luggage, so make sure you purchase a lightweight kit with a compact design. Some microdermabrasion machines are huge and would look more at home in a cosmetician’s office, while others tend towards a more pocket-size approach.

Find the one that works for you!

Must-Have #6: Know What You’re Looking For!

Since you’re here, we assume you want to get rid of stretch marks. Make sure you look for a machine that has a proven track record of effectiveness in removing stretch marks.

Lighter microdermabrasion machines are available (and cheaper). Still, they’re generally aimed at people who just want to refresh their skin, not actually remove scars (such as stretch marks or acne scars).

If you’re looking to lighten up your stretch marks, make sure you get a stronger machine. It will cost you more, but it will be worth it in the end.

Additional Goodies

While not a must-have, a lot of microdermabrasion kits come with various additional goodies, like replaceable diamond tips, for example, adapters, etc. We suggest looking for a product that offers such extra benefits, especially if you’re new to using such a machine.

One last thing we suggest is seeing what the Customer Service is like.There’s a chance you won’t like your product. Make sure you buy from a reputable brand that will assist you if you need to change or return it. Also, make sure your product comes with a warranty!

We hope our review has helped you pick the right product for the ideal at-home microdermabrasion experience!