2020’s Best Swimsuits for Stretch Marks: Top 30 Concealing Swimwear

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Summer is here, and with it, the endless search for the perfect swimsuit, ideally one that will look super cute on you, but also conceal stretch marks. In this article, I’ll take you through the best swimwear finds that promise to hide those unsightly tiger stripes on your buttocks, belly, as well as other areas.

I took the trouble to sort through them all, hoping to find swimsuits for mothers with stretch marks, so that you don’t have to, so without further ado, let’s get shopping!

One-Piece Swimwear

Perfect for: stretch marks on belly, breasts or buttocks

A one-piece can seem old fashioned, but hey, if your baby can rock an onesie, why couldn’t you? One-piece swimsuits are coming back in style, and thankfully, they’re covering all those areas that might be in need of coverage.

1. CUPSHE Women’s Falbala One Piece Swimsuit

This lovely swimsuit is our number one choice thanks to its incredible versatility – it comes in 16 different models and any size imaginable. Best of all, it’s covering, and yet revealing enough (just look at that V-neck or as the low-cut back) to be still sexy.

2. Dixperfect Women’s Retro 80s/90s One Piece

If you grew up in the Baywatch era, this one’s for you (and even if you didn’t – I hear they’re doing a remake!). With over 25 different styles, this retro-inspired one-piece is classy and bold, just like you.

3. Zando Women One Piece Swimdress

This floral pattern swim dress is the ideal way to stay elegant, but also beach-ready. With 24 variants, there’s one style for any taste, and what I really love about this one is that the dress part can also cover stretch marks around the hipbone, lower butt, or even on the upper thigh, which is a plus.

It only comes in a few sizes, so make sure they have yours in stock now!

4. Holipick One Piece Off Shoulder Swimsuit

While this one will only cover stretch marks on the belly and breasts, we couldn’t have a complete list without it, as it’s simply gorgeous. The stitched-up pattern on the sides makes it look like a corset-meets-evening-dress kind of thing, and I love it!

5. Greta Jacquard Ruffle Underwire One Piece Swimsuit

Albeit a tad pricier than the other swimsuits, this Black Rose one-piece is as classy as it is dark – perfect if you’re a brand new momma with a side of goth. But hurry, they’ve only got a couple more sizes (30 and 32B) left!

6. Paris Crochet Criss Cross Back One Piece Swimsuit

This beautiful floral one-piece has a unique, crochet pattern that lends a certain air of class to your otherwise traditional, flowery swimsuit. This one’s the perfect blend of dark and colorful if you know what I mean.

Two-Piece Bathing Suits

Perfect for stretch marks on: Breasts and buttocks

While one-pieces may be the way to go if you want to cover a larger area, you can just as easily get away with a two-piece for more localized stretch marks. The ones in this category are perfect for covering up stretch marks on the boobs and butt.

1. Century Star Women’s Two Piece

This great two-piece from Century practically screams “good vibes” What’s more, it’s excellent for covering stretch marks on the breast (including the side-boob) and the hipbone buttocks, thanks to those cheeky boyshorts.

2. Heat Move Women Retro Flounce

This floral pattern two-piece allows you to cover your hips and lower belly (thanks to that high waisted bikini bottom), and the wavy top lets you rock that summery look while also covering your breast area.

3. Upopby Women’s Sexy Padded Push Up Bikini

This cheeky push-up is a bit on the revealing side, I’ll admit, but if you’re only looking to cover your breasts and butt, it’s an ideal (and budget-friendly) option for your seaside holiday!

4. Aqua Eve Women High Waisted Bikini

What drew me to this model is the slashed style of the bikini top, which is both revealing and concealing at the same time (neat, huh?). Also, that high waist bottom is ideal for hiding your tiger stripes.

5. ZAFUL Women’s Scoop-Neck Tropical Leaf Knotted Two Piece

There’s something super retro about this scoop neck, and that’s precisely why I love it. It kind of feels like something you’d see in the 90s, which makes it that much more stylish. Also, it’s covering in all the right places!

6.Tempt Me Women High Waisted Bikini

Perhaps the best part about this two-piece is that it covers an area many manufacturers overlook – the under-boob. Some models are on sale, while others are only available in small sizes, so check them out ASAP so as not to miss out!


Perfect for stretch marks on: boobs, sides, butt, and belly

If you’re looking to get more coverage, but don’t want to commit to a one-piece, then a tankini might be just the thing. Introduced in the late 90s, the tankini is a bikini and top combo that usually covers most if not all of your torso.

1. Upopby Women’s Tummy Control Tankini

This tankini comes in a variety of styles – it can be a simple, velvety red (more classy) or come in a wild floral print (more cheery). One thing is right for all the models – they cover everything you need covering, while also keeping those couple extra pounds in check!

2. Zando Women’s Sporty Two-Piece Double Up Tankini

What I love about this tankini is how breathable the top part is. Many people shy away from tankinis and one-pieces because they hate that tight feeling on their belly, but with this one, you don’t have to worry about it!

3. Bikini Swimsuit for Women High Waisted

This gorgeous two-piece is pink, flowery, or even come with a leopard print. The top is loose and elegant, while the high waisted bikini will cover up your hipbones, lower belly, and buttocks.

4. Century Star Tankini

This one even comes in a red white and blue combo – what more can I say? Seriously, the reason I love this one is that the top kind of feels like you’re wearing a nightie, while the shorts-like bikini is perfect if you’re feeling a little self-conscious about displaying that booty.

5. Yonique Tankini

This tribal tankini answers pretty much all your prayers – it comes in V-necks or more covered tops, it offers the classical bikini or the more concealing shorts. Oh, and did I mention it’s just so cute?

6. Women High Waisted Swimsuit Flounce

This high waisted tankini comes in roughly 35 variants and all shapes and sizes. The bikini is perfect for covering hipbones and buttocks, while the top can be down to the belly button or look more like a traditional bikini top, depending on your preference.

Slimming & Tummy Control Swimsuits

Perfect for stretch marks on: Belly and breasts

If you’ve recently gone through a major weight change, you might not be too crazy about going out in a revealing bikini. But you shouldn’t let a couple of extra pounds dampen your spirits. These tummy control swimsuits are just the thing to look good, even if you’re a little on the plus size!

1. B2prity Women One Piece

The best part about this one-piece is that it’s got the tummy control, slimming effect, but it’s also got that great plunging V-neck, drawing attention from your tummy to the boobs and allowing you to feel mega-confident and sexy!

2. AS ROSE RICH – One Piece Swimsuit

This simple, colorful one-piece has a classy V-neck and is quite covering on the buttocks. It’s elegant and also slimming – perfect for a proper lady struggling with a few extra pounds!

3. B2prity Women’s Monokini Front Cross One Piece

Another win for B2prity, if you ask me. This strappy model is great because it draws all the attention to the cross beneath the boobs – it’s a fancy model with a slimming effect, regardless of the variant you choose. The only downside: it’s not too covering on the buttocks, but you win some, you lose some!

4. Smismivo Tummy Control Swimwear

For once, I’m having trouble choosing between the elegant, simple black model or the floral version, as they’re both just gorgeous. With over 25 models to choose from, the furrowed model on the front gives the slimming impression of 11-line abs.

5. CUPSHE Women’s V Neck One Piece

This lace-up monokini has that whole retro thing going for it, while also doing a discreet tummy control. Personally, I love the ruffled plunge at the top. Once again, a downside may be that it’s kind of revealing on the butt.

6. Firpearl Women’s One Piece

Did anyone say “macrame”? Well, even if you didn’t, it’s worth checking this beauty out. While the front is somewhat simple, the macrame pattern on the back will mean all eyes on you when you hit the beach this year!

High Waisted Bikinis

Perfect for stretch marks on: hipbone, buttocks and lower tummy

Finally, we’re talking a bit about my favorite high waisted bikini options. Sure, we covered these in the two-piece/tankini sections, but it may be that you’re just looking for something that’s concealing stretch marks around the butt area and want something revealing on top – if you do, these ones for you.

1. COCOPEAR Women’s Ruched High Waisted Bikini Bottom

This vintage high-waist covers your bottom, your hips, and even the lower half of your belly. It comes in floral shades as well as a simple monochrome style, making the combinations endless.

2. Vackutliv Women’s High Waisted Bikini

This great selection of high-waist bikini bottoms is both versatile and simple, opening up a wide array of styles. Depending on the model, you may find small, really large, or something in between, so make sure you check the size and model first!

3. Septangle Women’s Vintage High Waisted Bikini Bottom

This high-waist vintage tankini bottom is just… well, it’s so hypnotic, isn’t it? Definitely, a great choice if you want to be the center of attention when you heat the pool or the beach this year – and with a wide range of models to choose from!

4. Bilda High Waist Bikini Bottom

This discreet, floral offering from Bikini.com is definitely on the pricier side, but an attractive option if you’re feeling like a bit of a splurge. It can be purchased with a matching top, but also easily assorted with a different one.

5. luvamia Women’s High Waist Ruched Bikini Bottom

A summery bikini bottom that embraces your hips’ natural curviness, while also conveniently concealing any stretch marks you may have there. They offer 25 styles – bows? Frills? Whatever your style, chances are they’ve got it – and it’s high-waist!

6. Candy Swimwear – Vegetables High Waisted Bikini Bottom

Any avocado lovers out there? ‘Cause this one’s definitely for you! This cute high-waist bikini is concealing and delicious at the same time – it can be bought with a matching top, and best of all, is on a 50% off sale right now, so what are you waiting for?

So that’s pretty much it – we’ve looked at swimsuits that hide stretch marks on thighs, belly, buttocks, breasts, and hips. The truth is, wherever your stretch marks, we’ve probably covered them together by now. I hope you found the perfect swimwear to match your summer plans, as well as your budget and body type!

Happy summer!