Basq Stretch Mark Butter Review – Is It Truly a Miracle Cure?

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Basq Intensive Treatment Stretch Mark Butter is one of those products that you just keep hearing about until you have to just try it for yourself to see – are the rumors true? Does it do all that it’s said to and more? In this review, we take a closer look at the Basq NYC Stretch Mark Butter to try and establish just how effective it really is in treating and preventing the appearance of stretch marks.

Stretch marks are an unpleasant side effect of rapid weight gain/loss (e.g., pregnancy, body-building, or hormonal growth spurts) that can have a damaging impact on your self-confidence. Basq Stretch Mark Butter comes with glowing reviews, both from celebrities and regular people, which makes us hopeful as to what it can do to get rid of those upsetting stretchmarks.

They also offer a Basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter, which seems to be only available through Amazon.

So, let’s Cut to the Chase – Does Basq Stretch Mark Butter Work? 

We’ve compiled a quick rundown of the pros and cons that users encountered, so take a look before you scroll on to our verdict:


  • It has a thick, creamy consistency that leaves the skin feeling pampered and hydrated – really nice and soothing effect, especially during pregnancy;
  • It’s also very moisturizing, which is something both the fans and the naysayers seem to agree on, so that’s definitely something;
  • It absorbs quickly into your skin, not leaving any greasy residue;
  • Many have noted that it’s been efficient in fading old stretch marks;
  • Also, many claims that it prevented the appearance of new stretch marks completely;
  • Although quite pricey, customers add that a little goes a long way, in that the small jar lasts for quite a long time;
  • Another big Pro argument we’ve noted is that it is FREE of a lot of unhealthy chemicals, such as parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial colors, as well as caffeine;
  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free;
  • It also comes highly recommended by a bunch of big celebrities, among which supermodel Heidi Klum, who credits the Basq skincare line for her admirable, silky skin; other celebrity fans of Basq products are country singer Sheryl Crow, actress Emily Deschanel, actress and model Denise Richards, and Angelina Jolie, among many, many others.


  • Some users complained that it has a strong/unpleasant odor, saying it’s not suited for people with a sensitivity to smells;
  • Of course, some said it didn’t help fade or at all prevent the appearance of stretch marks;
  • Others did say that it didn’t prevent new ones, but did significantly fade existing stretch marks, so that’s sort of a plus;
  • Several people complained about the cream being too light and not absorbing properly.

Basq Testimonial by Heidi Klum
I would like to point out if you do have a sensitivity to strong smells, that Basq also offers an alternative, called Body Boost Stretch Mark Butter, that is entirely fragrance-free (and is also quite a bit cheaper, although not as intense – more on that below).

But overall, it seems to us like the pros far outweighed the cons. I have to say we were impressed with all the positive, praising reviews that came with this cream, so we would definitely recommend that you try it.

Of course, there is no guarantee as to how effective it will be in your particular case – since these things vary from person to person due to genes, diet, and many other factors. But judging from the overwhelming support this butter has, it looks like an intensive and efficient stretch mark treatment.

Basq Stretch Mark Butter – What’s in It? 

So now that we’ve decided that Basq is a viable, smart option in the fight against stretch marks, let’s have a more in-depth look at some of those yummy ingredients and how exactly they help.


Don’t worry; we won’t bore you with the sciency bit. Basically, bio-peptides are a sort of smaller version of a protein. They strengthen the skin barrier, boosting the production of new cells, which is important for damaged skin. They also give added moisture because bio-peptides encourage the production of collagen, which is basically what keeps your skin firm and bouncy.


Darutoside is an active ingredient that comes from sigesbeckia orientalis, a small Indian shrub. It’s a plant extract that has been commonly known for centuries for its’ anti-inflammatory properties and its’ use in wound healing. It’s also beneficial for collagen synthesis, thus improving the skin’s elasticity and the regeneration of damaged skin cells, which is what makes it so useful for treating stretch marks.


Algisium-C is composed of two things: the semi-natural silanol, which is an organic derivative of silicon, and mannuronic acid radical, extracted from a brown alga called ‘luminaria.’ Together, they have great power in connecting and repairing damaged tissue, stimulating collagen production, and regenerating skin cells. Also, Algisium-C is highly moisturizing and non-irritant. For these reasons, it’s a well-known ingredient in many popular stretch mark care treatments.

Shea Butter

Raw Shea Butter has been a hugely popular, organic skin moisturizer for years due to its high level of essential fatty acids, as well as it containing many beneficial vitamins, such as vitamin A, which is great for skin because it improves elasticity and by applying shea to your stretching belly during pregnancy, you are making the skin more supple and more accommodating for the new weight.

Squalane Oil

Squalane oil is a substance naturally produced by our bodies that decreases with age. It’s effective in the treatment of stretch marks because it thoroughly penetrates the skin to repair the cellular membrane, which has been damaged. It also improves blood circulation in the area, which adds to the collagen production boost offered by the other ingredients. Squalene oil is also highly moisturizing, which further repairs the skin.

Where can You Buy Basq Stretch Mark Butter?

There are a couple of buying options. From my understanding, it’s also available in some stores, but it’s easiest just to order it online. You can do this through the Basq NYC official website for $36 a jar, or you can order it through Amazon for lower price for a one-time buy, or even set up monthly delivers, in which case, it’s just cheaper per jar.

They have a bunch of delivery options, so check that out. Honestly, we recommend ordering through Amazon, as they offer better prices (for this, as well as other Basq skincare products).

Speaking of Which… What Other Basq Skincare Products are There?

Well, they offer loads of different pregnancy products – from soothing aches to treating pregnancy-related acne, so feel free to have a look around their website before placing your order. But here are some of our favorite stretch mark favorites from them:

Intensive Treatment Stretch Mark Butter 5 oz Tube

Yes, you guessed it – it’s the exact same product, but put in a tube for your application convenience. Basically, it has all the benefits we talked about earlier. It’s only a tiny .5 oz smaller (and thus a few bucks cheaper as well), and it might be ideal for you to keep in your bag or even just might make it easier to use.

Resilient Body Stretch Mark Oil

This sounds totally great and nurturing, even if you’re not pregnant. It’s made from 100% pure botanical oils and is choc-full of antioxidants, working not only to repair stretch-marked skin but also to prevent the apparition of new marks. It has excellent customer reviews and comes in a variety of flavors:

  • eucalyptus – refreshing;
  • lavender – soothing;
  • citrus – energizing.

Lavender Sugar Skin Perfecting Scrub

One of the critical steps in healing damaged skin is exfoliating it away – you need to regularly get rid of dead cells, to allow new, healthy ones to shine, and this scrub helps you do just that. What I love about Basq’s scrub is that it’s sugar-based, and sugar is one of nature’s most potent exfoliators. Bear in mind that this scrub also comes in a Citrus aroma. Just use it in the shower and follow up with the oil and the butter for the best results!

Amazon also offers a Basq 9-month Stretch Essentials Kit that provides the Body Butter, the Resilient Oil, and the Scrub for just $48.78 (delivered every two months), in which case you’d be saving quite a bit – just a word to the wise!

Body Boost by Basq

Remember earlier, we said they also offer a non-fragrance version? Well, that’s part of their Body Boost collection, a different website altogether, but the same yummy products and rave reviews.

In the Body Boost collection, you will find:

  • Stretch Mark Butter – Milk&Honey, Lavender&Vanilla, or Fragrance-Free; Contains Shea Butter as well as essential oils which are great for skin repair (jojoba, grapeseed).
  • Stretch Mark Oils – Lavender or Milk&Honey; Also based around jojoba and grapeseed, as well as rich in Vitamin E (great in boosting collagen and healing);
  • Raw Sugar Scrubs – Lavender Vanilla or Milk&Honey; Contains shea butter, vitamin E, sweet almond oil, and coconut oil, which are hydrating, and chamomile extract, which is amazingly soothing.

They also offer all sorts of attractive packages. This might also be a good option for some, as you get the same quantity of product (actually more, in some cases), but at much cheaper prices (the butter, the oil, and the scrub each cost just $15).


Moving on, we’d also like to answer some of your questions about Basq Stretch Mark Body Butter.

1. Does it work on old stretch marks?

Yes, it should work on old stretch marks. Of course, this varies from individual to individual, but both the list of ingredients and the customer testimonials suggest it does work on old stretch marks as well as prevent new ones.

2. How should I apply it?

Massage the butter into your skin for a few minutes – belly, breasts, thighs, backside, and wherever else might need it. It’s also an excellent chance for a bit of a massage – double win.

3. How often should I use it?

For best results, use it at least twice a day, ideally in the morning and evening, after a long, warm shower to open the pores. 

4. How soon will I see results?

Not very soon, it seems. While people are raving about its’ ability to keep stretch marks away, all accounts claim it faded old stretch marks slowly, so expect to use it for a few months at least.

5. Are results permanent, though?

Yes, results are permanent. Basq Butter also has a good track record for stopping developing stretch marks in their tracks and making them disappear.

6. Is it safe for use during pregnancy?

It is 100% safe to use both during pregnancy and while nursing.

7. When should I start using it (if pregnant)?

The earlier, the better. It’s crucial that you don’t wait, but rather moisturize your skin from the beginning. That way, it will better adapt to the baby’s weight.

8. What’s their refund policy?

Basq assures its customers that it will refund the purchase if they are not happy, they just need to contact Customer Service. For their UK branch, the time limit for returns is 30 days. It’s unclear whether this goes for the US as well, but presumably.

Final Words

The bottom line is, Basq Stretch Mark Butter definitely seems to be one of the better options out there. It seems to work, as far as we can tell, and we wholeheartedly encourage you to try it, as well as their other products, because of the great ingredients and the high success rate.

We genuinely hope this article has helped you form a clear opinion about Basq Stretch Mark Butter and whether it’s worth it for you or not!