Arbonne “Stretch Mark Cream” – Are the RE9 Advanced Products A Game-Changer?

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Recently, I’ve been hearing more and more great things about the Arbonne stretch mark cream, so today, I’ve decided to do a quick review on the subject. The first thing I’d like to make clear before we delve any further into this is that the Arbonne RE9 Advanced, which I’ll be reviewing today, is not a stretch mark cream. Instead, it is a product that can also be used to treat stretch marks, as well as other skin afflictions. So try to bear that in mind as we go.

What Is RE9 Advanced, And How Could It Work for Stretch Marks?

The RE9 Advanced by Arbonne is a set of skincare products, targeting facial care, eye care, as well as body contouring. So while I’ll be referring to RE9 Advanced in general, I will specifically be looking at their Regenerating Toner and their Advanced Lifting and Contouring Cream.

The RE9 Advanced is a product line from Arbonne targeting mature skin. The products are meant to restore bounce and encourage collagen production, which has lead many people to use the RE9 products to also restore stretch-marked skin. By boosting collagen and promoting skin firmness, RE9 Advanced could technically improve the appearance of stretch marks, by reducing sagginess and promoting moisture.

The Stuff Inside

You all know I love taking a look at the stuff inside. Now, one reason I’m extremely hopeful about some of the RE9 Advanced creams is that they contain zinc oxide as an active ingredient. Now technically, this is used as sunscreen and as an UV blocker. But zinc oxide also happens to be a potent ingredient in skin repair. It is often used to treat various skin conditions, such as acne or eczema, and might even prove handy in treating bright red stretch marks.

Zinc oxide has been linked with promoting skin cell regeneration, which is why it’s often used to treat infections, rashes, and breakouts. What’s more, it’s a potent anti-inflammatory that can reduce redness and itchiness, both commonly associated with fresh stretch marks. Lastly, it’s thought to promote collagen production, thus helping your damaged skin repair itself.

Aside from zinc oxide which, to me, seems like the real power-player here, the RE9 Advanced products contain various hydrating and soothing ingredients, such as jojoba oil and panthenol (for the cream), and witch hazel and cucumber extract (for the toner).

Should You Be Using It During Pregnancy?

Much as I like these products, I wouldn’t encourage use during pregnancy, as all the RE9 Advanced products contain phenoxyethanol, which has been associated with infant hemorrhage and brain damage.

People’s Vote – Yay or Nay?

The popular opinion on the RE9 Advanced product line is hugely positive, with several customers noting that the creams and toners are literally life-savers that will have your skin glowing within a couple of months. Not a lot of data on stretch mark use, but personally, I’m hopeful!

Indeed, the only downside seems to be the exorbitant product prices and fairly small bottles. Nothing to do about that last one, I’m afraid, but you can get some pretty good deals through their Prefered Customer Discount program, and by buying sets.

Final Words – should you?

I’d say if you can afford it, then go for it! The RE9 Advanced product line seems like the real deal, and promises to give your skin a super-pampering experience that will leave skin hydrated and might restore some of its original bounce!

If the RE9 Advanced product line isn’t appealing to you, that’s not a problem. There are plenty of alternatives available, such as the TriLastin cream or Skinception intensive cream, explicitly targeted at stretch marks!